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List of culture articles

Table of Contents

Appeasing the gods

  Articles presenting how to properly worship the gods and why it is in everyone's interests to do so.       Articles presenting the consequences of attracting a god's attention, whether good or bad.       Articles presenting the Eldritch Horrors threatening the country and how they are kept under control, with both an adult and a child version of the explanations.    

Cult culture

    The two main gods of the country are well known for their inventions.       Examples of how mortals have to cater to the gods' delicate sensibilities.       A locket that all high priests of a divine cult have to wear and why.       A story illustrating the rivalry between the water and forging gods.    

Mortals' lives

  The results of the last attempt to elect a royal Heir. This is the background to the novel's plot.     Examples of how the gods are influencing daily life in the country for mortals.     A game played in the country.  

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