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The A to Zoo is a supermassive wildlife and conservation project founded by our wonderful curator, Rox. We are the largest zoological facility in the Yonderverse, based in our very own personal dimension to store trillions of animal species. The A to Zoo has been running for just over four and a half thousand years, establishing ourselves as not only the universe-leading animal collection but also a reputable source of education and conservation.

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Our education involves a lot of interaction with our animals. Get hands-on experience with some of our creatures, experience VIP tours, or become a zookeeper for the day! And if you'd like to donate to the A to Zoo, click here!

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Wildlife is our passion!

We don't just work at the A to Zoo. We work with thousands of planets around the Yonderverse, rebuilding fractured and dying ecosystems, working to rehabilitate wildlife and preserve natural habitats. Just look at our work on planet Mars! A year before we arrived, half of the planet was a dying mess. Now, every corner of Mars flourishes with life.

We also support small and local charities, especially those animal-focused. Much of our work is collaborative, as many sanctuaries around the Yonderverse trade their own research and information. We offer invaluable teachings to smaller organisations, and we have helped hundreds of thousands of other sanctuaries bring back animals from extinction.

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the animal pooped??? it was gross???? 0/10 would not recommend
I love all the programs they have for endangered species as well of all the space they are able to give their animals. It doesn’t feel like an exposition, like zoos, but truly a place for animals to live good and in peace.
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Animal of the Month: False Island Jelly

False Island Jelly by Mochi

False island jellies are powerful predators native to planet Kyrophis. Their giant paddles can produce 5 million volts, higher than what is artifically achievable by kephalons, the planet's native people.

These giants have a gentle side, forming mutualistic relationships with garden porpoises. The porpoises decorate the jellies with assorted flora, and the jellies provide protection from the porpoise's predators.


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Summer Camp is Approaching!

That's right, you will see more of the A to Zoo this Summer Camp. I am hoping this A to Zoo revamp will kickstart the grand return of the Zoo, as it has been lingering in the background for quite a while now, unfortunately.

Nevertheless! I hope to answer all the prompts we are given this year. See my progress bar below!

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