Vāhagla Circle

The Vāhagla Circle, or "Floodbringer" Circle in Sutsumāk, is an extremist splinter group of the Church of the Silent Ascension. Though they retain most of the same core beliefs, they differ in some important ways, especially as pertains to the eschatological aspects of the original church's dogma and the necessity of asceticism and enlightenment in attaining reunion with the gods in paradise.


The Vāhaglaya believe that enlightenment and transcendence through death is a means by which a soul can attain reunion with their lost gods in the paradise beyond death, just like members of the Church of the Silent Ascension. Where they differ, however, is in their belief that enlightenment is only one way of attaining the sought-after reunion with the gods.   Unlike members of the Church of the Silent Ascension, who believe that the malevolence within the Quietus is just the cast-off remains of the dead gods' negative emotions, the Vāhaglaya believe that the malevolence is as much a part of the gods' being as their perfected forms in paradise. They believe that the malevolence represents the resentment of the lost gods towards those that have denied their existence or turned away from them after their death, and that if the malevolence were to be appeased, the gods would welcome the faithful into their embrace, regardless of whether their souls are yet burdened by earthly attachments.   To this end, the Vāhaglaya actively pursue the end of the world and do what they can to stoke the Quietus in the hopes that they might trigger the mythological cataclysmic flood that would spell the death of all living things across all the cosmos.

Blood is the Price of Paradise

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