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Bagrada Tunnel Raiders

Whereever there is conflict, there are those who are bound to dive in without a care. Their only desire is to make themselves powerful, and to damn the consequences. For us in Sidon and even down in Baalbek, we call them the Bagrada Tunnel Raiders

They are ruthless, and stranded down there like they are, they have little mercy for those who carry something they could use. Do not try reasoning with them.

Sidon Security Officer

The Bagrada Tunnel Raiders is a loose criminal organization held together by their leader Hannibal Corleone. They comprise of cavers, miners, and other skilled individuals who were capable enough to make it down into the caves below Sidon.

Their goal is to loot and plunder the Bronze Stone and the other gems that rest below Sidon.

It is rumored that Hannibal holds a series of safehouses below even Baalbek. There might be truth to this, as a handful of Raiders in varying states of dead and alive have breeched the clear surfaces of Baalbeks waters recently.

They have previously harrassed travelers, Stone Pilgrims, and expeditions down from Sidon . They are also known to have an organization on the surface of Levant, where their primary goal is to keep their expeditions below ground moving.

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