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Hannibal Corleone

Many up there on the surface decry me as a murderer and a thief. Understandble that they would say that, they know full well that I will do what it takes to uncover the secrets of the Bronze Stone.

They don't want that. Margeret and her lackeys want to keep what occured down here a secret. To keep the wealth of knowledge for themselves and their Somnancy puppets.

When I conquer the Bronze Stone, it will be me and my 'Raiders' who will bring the technology to the light of day.

— Hannibal Corleon

Hannibal Corleone is an expert caver, explorer, and navigator who started his own criminal organization to fund his ventures down into the caves below Sidon.

He is known as a shrewd commander and leader, but is also known to be ruthless to his own and so protective of his operation that he gives no mercy to traitors and makes them swear a suicide pact should they be captured by Sidon authorities.

Anyone who is not part of the Raiders can expect rough treatment, supplies are hard to bring down deep into the caves, so mugging and robberies of other expeditions is a common threat.

It is rumored that Hannibal is a Monolith who competed with Sir Mictaf Cellini during the expedition down towards Baalbek, and after losing the race down, decided to push through after the tunnel collapse during the Blitz of Sidon.

He operates multiple safehouses below the surface, reserved for himself and his band of brigands who roam the caves looking for treasures and loot.

As much as it pains me to say it, the fact that Hannibal is still proving to be so elusive gives me pause on if I should have tried to negotiate with him all those years ago. We can not dwell on our potential mistakes however, and so soon we will bring Mister Corleone to the surface for his just punishment.

— @Marg

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