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Brazen Legion

The Brazen Legion is the militant arm of the Faith of the Sacred Flame in the realm of Westemar. It is they who the church calls upon to combat evil in all its forms in this region. They have sister companies, the Silver Order and the Gilded Guard, in Elyria and Caspia respectively. The Legion is made up of paladins, clerics, knights, soldiers, and the retinue and logistical staff to support them. They serve the church and hold no political affiliations. During the civil war that followed the Day of the Meteor, they remained in their keep and did not take sides, a policy that many still hold against them. 

Since the Divine Matriarch has declared Delerium to be evil and a threat to the realms, the Brazen Legion has come to Drakkenheim to destroy the delerium, and if necessary, the city as well. So far they have set up a base camp, Camp Dawn, and begun sending sorties and scouting parties into The Haze. It won't be long before they move in force.


The Brazen Legion is one of the militant arms of the church. As such, it has a military based hierarchy.


The Brazen Legion is dedicated to the Faith of the Sacred Flame. It is their faith that gives them strength and purpose.

Public Agenda

The Brazen Legion has come to Drakkenheim because the Divine Matriarch of the Faith of the Sacred Flame has declared Delerium to be evil. It is now their holy mission to destroy all the delerium and corrupted creatures within The Haze.


The Brazen Legion has a large number of well trained troops and the logistics to support them in their Drakkenheim Crusade. They also have several clerics of the Sacred Flame and paladins within their order.


Prior to the Edicts of Lumen, the Brazen Legion was responsible for hunting down and slaying all mageborn within the realm of Westemar. It is still their duty to hunt down any mage who practices dark magic and breaks the Edicts. Their ruthlessness in hunting arcane spellcasters is legendary and the mageborn of Westemar live in fear of a Legion squad coming after them.

Burn the Heretic, Kill the Malfeasant, Purge the Unclean

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