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Gɛgnʌhiŋ (geg-nu-hing)

On every world controlled by the Federation of Xah, and has a population that are not Xahian, there is Gɛgnʌhiŋ.   Part secret police, part research project, part welfare state, Gɛgnʌhiŋ is the am of the Leader Caste, working in close cooperation with the Technical Caste and Warrior Caste, that manages the non-Xahian population of occupied worlds.   For those who cooperate and submit, Gɛgnʌhiŋ is a provider of housing, food, work and access to the wider Known Space. For those who treat it with indifference, it is a symbol of the overarching power of the Federation of Xah and the cause of so many of their culture's ills. For those who actively resist, Gɛgnʌhiŋ is a nightmare tale told to children that actually exists, the cruel and horrific face of a regime that cares nothing for those whom it grinds under its boot.


Like all Xahian Leader caste departments, Gɛgnʌhiŋ has a strict heirarchy based on ability and experience. It ultimately reports directly to the Federation Council, through a series of increasingly focused members of the caste, with management of each world, station or habitat being nominally independent of the others.   They operate out of the Federation Headquarters, found on every Xahian world, but also set up outlying research and distribution centers across their zone of influence, where the local population is complicit enough.

Public Agenda

Gɛgnʌhiŋ has four main objectives:  


First and foremost, Gɛgnʌhiŋ is there to encourage local populations to submit to the Federation of Xah and as such, spends a lot of time informing local populations of the benefits of submission to the Federation, and the worthiness of The Sevenfold Path. The prime objective of Gɛgnʌhiŋ is to convince a local population to submit to gene testing, get sterilised, and become a productive member of Xahian society.  


As part of The Sevenfold Path, Gɛgnʌhiŋ also gene-tests the local populations, looking for beneficial gene traits, such as resistance to disease and environmental factors, improved metabolic conditions, and even illnesses and diseases with interesting co-morbidities that the Technical Caste could take advantage of. Whilst the majority of the gene testing is technically voluntarily, to access promised benefits, ones' genes must be analysed. Those who display interesting traits are then tested further. Those with particularly rare traits are often taken off-world for further tests.  


It is not enough for an individual to be gene tested; once the tests are done, they must also submit to sterilisation. The Sevenfold Path does not allow for unfettered and unmanaged reproduction, and acceptance of this is considered paramount for joining Xahian society. Once sterilised, an individual is then entitled to the benefits of the Federation of Xah; food, accomodation, and medical treatment is provided, and after appropriate aptitude testing, employment is given.  


For those who decline the benefits that Gɛgnʌhiŋ offers, then they are labelled as official dissenters, and their previously limited rights are restricted even more. They are gathered into often marginal and poorly productive areas, but otherwise allowed to continue to exist with monitoring. Gɛgnʌhiŋ then acts as a surveillance organisation, working with Warrior Caste Guardians to ensure that the dissenters pose no issues to the wider Xahian state.
Governmental, Department
Alternative Names
'The Geg', Gene stealers
Parent Organization
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