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Council of the Cipher

All magic comes with a price. And there are those who fix that price. Best be sure to pay it, or things could get ugly
— Renna, Head Cipher
  In the northern lands of Blayth, the trade of magical items and ingredients is highly regulated. So naturally, Blayth has a large black market trade of such items and the Council of the Cipher control it with an adamantine fist. Nothing comes in or goes out without the Cipher's knowledge or cut.  

A Darker Trade

Illicit trade of magical items is always lucrative, but the Council of the Cipher has made it an art. Being in control of powerful items and having an endless supply of rare ingredients allows the mages of Cipher to wield far greater power than any other organization in Blayth, including the governing council. They have so much money that they have the ability to buy off any official who might stand in their way or, failing that, they have the power to make more stubborn individuals disappear.   Not only do the Cipher control items and ingredients, but also has full control of magical creatures. They took full advantage of the witch hunters of previous decades. The hunters had great success in eliminating monsters and magic users in Blayth, and quickly fell into complacency and corruption once their job was done. So the Council of the Cipher happily filled the void left behind.  

All Souls are For Sale

One of the main reasons for the Council of the Cipher's success is their contracts. They have made some dark alliances with various demons, providing souls in exchange for power and influence in even the farthest corners of the world. There are rumors that the leader of the Cipher is the lover of a demon lord, or that she is herself a demon. Regardless, the demonic power within the ranks spreads well beyond the borders the council officially claims.
Illicit, Syndicate


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