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The Garnet Hand

Mysterious thieves

The Garnet Hand is an infamous thieves guild, clouded in mystery. The organisation is known to exist, this much can be said with confidence. However, it is almost impossible to know what is true and what is simply a rumour about them, as they have become a myth and almost a legend. They're elusive and fast in their work, and once they've stolen something, you might as well accept that you will never get it back.  

Thieves of History

The Garnet Hand is mostly seen in a very bad light, as most are angered by their daring thefts and the types of items they sometimes make off with. Especially items seen as important historical artifacts cause a public uproar when they are stolen. This doesn't deter the Garnet hand though, as they have yet to be caught and haven't experienced any true consequences yet.   However, when the thieves guild targets richer victims and makes off with a small percentage of their large wealth, the public never care nearly as much.  

Never feel safe

No one can truly feel safe from the Garnet Hand, of course, unless you don't own anything of value. While most instances of theft thought to be carried out by the Garnet Hand has occurred in Kanden and Elken, there has been reported activity in all nations all over Dysvoll.   It is unclear whether the guild travels to reach their targets or if they possibly have chapters of their guild in other areas too. Some also think that certain thefts might've been falsely attributed to the Garnet Hand.
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