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The Cullers

"Don't mistake them for soldiers, they're fucking insane. Taking pleasure of harming innocent men, women and children. Destroying families for the sake of cutting the wrong logs."

Centuries-Old Resistance

To humans, the beginning circumstances around the formation of The Cullers has to be read from ancient manuals and old textbooks of history. To the wood elves, most learned of the treacherous approach of humans from their fathers and mothers. The Cullers are an organisation dedicated to protecting sites most sacred to them, although those sites grow smaller and smaller with each passing year.
To understand The Cullers, one needs to understand the history behind elves. As the elves were freed from the torment of servitude by the Ancient Masters throusands of years ago, two factions were born that would divide into two wholy different ethnicities. High Elves, who would settle in their old cities and learn magic to better undestand the world around them and Wood Elves, that would roam the rolling hills around them, and when they would settle they would do so under the lands conditions; To respect their surrounding, and to never harm and destroy nature in the way their old masters unnatural, otherwordly bleak cities had done.
As humans, also known as Freefolk came from overseas to the lands of Bravallon, they came with great ships and ingenuity learned from their former yuan-ti masters. At first, kinship was sparking between the two formerly enslaved races. Wood Elves thought the way of the land to the humans and aided them in settling. This is the portion where the tale differs, depending on who you hear the tale from.   Freefolk's Tale
Wood Elves native to the land expected too much from humans, and restrained the need for progress to a near halt. While humans discovered medicines vital in a location formerly known as the Seafoam Reef to their primitive first settlements, elves aimed to stop them from using these herbal medicines because of their rarity. As wood elves had large meetings, discussions and required time to trust in the wisdom and long-term effects of their choice, humans were dying.
As the elves discovered that humans had used the coral of Seafoam Reef to spare their dying, the elves overreacted. Everything that has happened since has only happened because of this overreaction and because Freefolk are not given enough room for thought to come up with more beneficial options for their infastructure.
  The Culler's Tale
Soon after the Freefolk arrived, they took advantage of the hospitality of the local wood elves. As they were allowed to stay in the Seafoam Reef, where food and resources would be a-plenty the humans overreached on anything they could. Instead of being satisfied to what nature was willing to give to them, the humans could not live under minor harshness of nature and despoiled the Seafoam Reef for good as they began to use the local coral in healing their sick - The coral unique to the world, that has not been found since the humans used all of it up.
Freefolk grew further arrogant, unable to listen to the wisdom shared by the elves and soon skirmishes were incited and instead of approaching with diplomacy, Freefolk began forcefully setting up new settlements and discovering new near-extinct rarities. The elves were only forced to react to this obscene assault against nature and the short-sightedness of humans.


Either through the constant grow of civilization with new empires and kingdoms formed on Bravallon, or the effectiveness of attacking smaller settlements, The Cullers have began to focus their attention more and more on crucial smaller-scale operations of the human civilization. Attacking small settlements, farmsteads, mines and leaving behind only corpses. It is unquestionably not propaganda anymore, that the elves do kill civilians as well as soldiers on their retribution for their lands.
Founding Date
93 EF
Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
Man-slayers, Elf Murderers, Protectors of the Wilds
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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