Var-Häpeä (vahr-hah-PAY-yah)

Those who serve King Borislav do so by their own free will and choice. To have value, to receive the respect by fellow countrymen, and to know that you serve the welfare of your country so family and friends may enjoy peace and prosperity is it’s own reward.   A man who gives his life in service of the Red Wolf, is one who knows his future is secure. This is why, even among enemies, the kings guard, those who join the military forces, and some who are personally chosen for positions of special honor, are respected.   One makes a solemn pledge to live a life of honor, to never bring rebuke or disdain upon the crown or ones leaders. To put the honor and protection of ones country before self is the greatest commitment, and each man does so of his own will and choice.   It is no wonder then, that for those who break such a pledge, a consequence — complete and severe in its scope and delivery — must be administered.    

No Forgiveness for Traitors

Should one dishonor their king, and bring shame upon his brotherhood, they will invariably be visited by the Var-Häpeä. The guards of dishonor. Seven men, chosen by the Red Wolf himself, to carry out both investigations and executions of judgement for those charged with treason to their pledge.   Mistakes are made, ill choices also — and these are weeded out by thorough investigations of the Var-Häpeä. Inquiries, questions, interviews,…all for the sake of distilling the facts to uncover the absolute truth. For the truth is what will condemn a man and send his soul to where it ultimately belongs — with Päjumää — or Mahan.    

Var-Häpeä is for the Guilty

Should an accusation have merit, and the truth shines a light upon a guilty man, the Var-Häpeä will make sure the people witness the cost of evil. Crimes include, but are not limited to:
  • War crimes;
  • Theft for profit (not for survival)
  • False witness against a fellow warrior;
  • Sexual violations against a woman;
  • Murder
  The price of each crime leading to a public execution, and execution following an estate sale or sale of belongings to make restitution towards victims, or in the case of a sexual violation against a woman, public disembowelment.   The Var-Häpeä are not loved of the people, but like their brethren, they have made a pledge to make examples of traitors. Both to punish the guilty, and to prevent further rebellion of the heart in the ranks of the kings service.


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