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Red Smoke

Criminal Organization of Stronghold

Every large city has its own criminal underbelly, syndicates and small groups vying to become the most prominent illicit group in a given city. Even with the policies put in place by the Witch Queen, Stronghold has its own criminal underworld, barely hidden amongst the crypts and secrets the Human Empire is known to hold. Hiding in plain sight is a necessity to survive as a criminal, but being of a relatively rare race in this part of the world makes it even harder to hide but yet be known by the right people.   The Red Smoke comes by their name honestly, led by a Red Dragonkin and the family he has built throughout the years. Specializing in smuggling and gambling operations, this organization is one of the most well-known illicit groups in Stronghold, although they do have a legal business that is also part of all they do. Their leader is a man of culture, even though he chooses to dabble in the criminal underworld instead of the politics of the city.   That being said, a man of morals but the willingness to continue illicit activities should not be crossed. This man will do anything for his family, including go far beyond the illegal nature of smuggling. All that are part of the Red Smoke are family, and should not be messed with unless one wishes to feel the ire of a Red Dragonkin with the lifestyle of a noble and morals that are questionable at best.


The Red Smoke is a relatively close-knit group, often considered family-like in nature. Those that join the group are considered to be children of Tyrel Fellfang, the leader of the organization. While Fellfang has his own family, a small number of Red Dragonkin that call Stronghold and the surrounding villages home. Each member of the group has their own role to play, but all must have each other's backs, no matter what the circumstances were.

Public Agenda

While a criminal organization, the Red Smoke does have a legal business that is run out of the courtyard surrounding the family home of Tyrel Fellfang. This business sells a variety of goods that are imported from different trading companies across Vóreios, including Fire & Gold, Inc.. The manor also serves as an orphanage of sorts for lost or abandoned Dragonkin that may find their way into Stronghold.   The more illicit parts of the organization have two separate parts, a smuggling operation and of debt collectors. It is no secret that this organization smuggles goods throughout the city, but the Night Guard and others have a difficult time gathering any evidence of such an operation occurring out of Fellfang's. Those that live in the area surrounding the manor often applaud Fellfang for his kindness and the way he conducts himself compared to other Dragonkin of his color.   The final part of the organization serve as debt collectors for hire for other groups throughout Stronghold. Led by a man known only as Balkin, this group is considered proficient street-level muscle, those able to strong-arm those that may need a bit of persuasion. While these people are a part of the Red Smoke, they often get farmed out to other groups to bring more income into the organization.

The Hottest Fires Bring Red Smoke

Illicit, Cartel

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30 Jul, 2022 20:55

I like the article. It s a good sketch of a prominent family with criminal connections and activities. Outline of operations and protective value of community good will is a good touch. This does raise questions on the legal systems. Is gambling illegal? Why? Smuggling (ie tax evasion) is always good. But prohibited goods? Fence for stolen items that might be sent out of town? How is violence viewed generally? Brawls and fist-fights accepted or tolerated or are any assaults prohibited? What about differences in social class where a noble can clearly beat a commoner but a commoner who assaults a noble has committed a serious crime, or are all equal? Is the legal system based on "modern world" legal scientific reason and evidence or traditional historic testimony? Is it by magistrates or panels hearing the cases and making judgements or are there juries?

31 Jul, 2022 20:16

Gambling is illegal in many countries, this isn't the article to delve into it. Pretty easy to research and see the variety of reasons that make it a distasteful practice. I'd start here for that: :D   The legal system isn't something that we need to delve into with an organization article or it would just have to be re-typed everywhere and bog things down with content that can be centralized in the future. Also, for a roleplay world it is often good to just go with generalizations or make it more malleable so that people can rely on making it a fantasy trope, or a medieval (historical) thing, or they can make it more modern if they desire. Having too many details make it impossible for someone to tell a story. Legal systems may be examined in the future but I'm sure you can agree that content of that nature should be centralized, otherwise I should post all the specifics of all the races listed here as well.

Gortius The Eighth
16 Aug, 2022 11:44

Great article, I like to see how some criminal organisations also have a good side and were made to benefit one's family and close ones. Great read

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