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Summer Camp '22 Reading Challenge

This article is a work in progress
As part of World Anvil's 2022 reading challenge, I've collected some articles below that inspired me and I hope can also inspire you too!
In no particular order, please see below my 9 picks from the Summer Camp '22 challenge.

A species considered monstrous by some

Death Blossom
Species | Aug 28, 2022
Author: barriesaxxy
World: Nideon

I really liked the short poem at the start of this article, it instantly drew me in and I wanted to know more about it. I wish to populate my articles with more powerful and immersive content like this!
I also enjoyed the cultural significance of this plant, it truly feels like it exists in this world and is well known.
Soulhusk Chimeras
Species | Jul 28, 2022

Soulhusk chimeras are constructs, built of discarded body parts and even living beings whose souls have been sallowed through the over-use of magics

Author: Ononomad
World: Shadowfire

  There is so much great writing in this article it's hard to choose just a few stand-out points. But, I think for me, the best parts are those that link into the rest of the world. The use of the Klomerati tendrils, the history of the Bodyservants and the Usokufa and the new threat - the Dead Lord Kholkosi. All of this coming from a single construct/species. Truly some great stuff!
Species | Nov 10, 2023

Fear the spawn of the Chained Sun: those angelic abominations. Once, they guided and protected us, today they seek the radiant annihilation of us all.

Author: nnie
World: Solaris

  Space angels? Space angels.
  A shorter article but it does not feel like it is missing anything. There is some really nicely woven storytelling within the descriptions of the Scourge as well as hints to future lore yet to be published. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!


An organization considered cruel or monstrous by some

Red Smoke
Organization | Mar 7, 2023

The Red Smoke comes by their name honestly, led by a Red Dragonkin and the family he has built throughout the years. Specializing in smuggling and gambling operations, this organization is one of the most well-known illicit groups in Stronghold.

Author: RiverFang
World: Isekai

  Genuinely just a nice read and a well displayed article. The lore behind Tyrel Fellfang and how they interact with the other denizens of Stronghold is both interesting and clear. This article does a really good job of providing a well thought out image of the organisation to it's reader and it's characters.
Regal Stag Family
Organization | Jul 28, 2022

A powerful family of Merthiornites turned into the royal family of Karte

Author: Naelin

  The first thing that caught my attention with this article was it's aesthetic. The content is really nicely displayed and easy to read. The use of Heroforge models really helps to break-up the content and provide reference to the reader.
The concept of a society being ruled by a foreign power is also quite unique and inspiring. Let alone the story around the "Father stag". Some great worldbuilding here!
HD Corporation
Organization | Aug 28, 2023

A corporation set up to capture escaped monsters from the Horror Dimension.

Author: Mochimanoban

  An organization founded to capture and study creatures from a Horror Dimension?
What's not to love? It's like if the conspiracies around Area-51 or if the SCP Foundation was a real entity. Just generally a cool concept and something i'm interested to see more of!


Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys

The Cage Into Darkness
Vehicle | Jul 27, 2022

A massive, if ramshackle, elevator that takes explorers from the safety above to their probably demise below.

Author: Qurilion
World: Araea

  I love how you can truly get a sense of how rough and ragtag this contraption is. Qurilion does a great job of storytelling in this article through how the cage and it's mechanisms are described. You'd never convince me to use such a frightening and dangerous device.
Vehicle | Sep 30, 2023

A train and route created by an unholy alliance across planar barriers in the face of unprecedented disaster. Transports food and other miscellany across Takawaoku in secret.

Author: Hanhula
World: Istralar

  This article intrigued me as it's quite a unique way of creating a railway network within a setting. The creation fits within the setting really well due to the constraints of the region and the artwork created to go along with it truly help to drive the idea of early industry. The fact that it was made by demons and no one really seems to know how it works is even better.
Iron Spider
Vehicle | Jul 18, 2022

A nightmarish amalgam of mechanics and organics fused together into a vehicle so well-suited to travel within corralum that they became the Pact-standard vehicle for travel in the Underside.

Author: Ademal
World: Ethnis

  Biopunk creations at their best. A gross combination of machine and (un)living creature. The use of midjourney here really propells this article to a new level with informative, creepy and visceral creations.
The technical and biological details also really help to drive this creation's story and create a clear picture in the reader's mind, even without the artwork.


What's next for VISCERIUM?

More content!
Specifically, I think the next things to come will be around a unit of super soldiers called the AESIR - You'll learn more about them and Helix Technica soon!
  Other than that, touching up some of my Summer Camp articles and likely small tweaks to my CSS as this is an ongoing evolution and something I like to look at every now and again.

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