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The Yonderverse is a huge universe full of Solar Systems containing planets all with unique races of creatures. The Yonderverse currently contains 4 planets, with many more to come.

Greenerth is the planet that has by far the most work done to it. With over 10 races of creatures and several large continents, people have taken over the world. There is over a hundred creatures currently written about with over a hundred more still to do.
Dracosei is the second planet. Dracosei's most significant attribute is its presence of planets. The only planet in the Yonderverse with dragons, they have taken over and forced many races into hiding, like the Odorae people on Etrea.
Ocearia is my third planet, and this one is based in a large ocean. The entire planet is water, with only a few islands, so every race is ocean-dwelling. Each kingdom has terrible relations with the others, so there's most likely a war or battle going on somewhere.
Talerin is the fourth planet. It is limited to just one race of creatures, the Ukari People. They live in one of the safest locations on the planet, and even then it is far from safe. The planet is mostly warm climates with deserts and savannas, but there are occasionally some tropical rainforests and mountains. The ocean is uninhabitable because of the Striders of the Deep, a hivemind of dangerous reptiles that can kill you incredibly easy.    
Please note all of my articles are a WIP. I write an article based on ideas I have already, then update them as I think of new ideas.