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Iron Talon Mining Concern

The Iron Talon Mining Concern is one of the many family-based chitiquish industrial swarms that make up the Chitiquish Consortium. Iron Talon is ancient, grasping, and cold-blooded in comparison to its peers and, while respected for its efficiency, is broadly mistrusted among non-chitiqush species who encounter them.


Like all chitiqish swarms, the Iron Talon Mining Concern is a eusocial oligarchy, with a group of well-connected heads of member families serving as members on the swarm's Executive Cabinet. Subsidiary branches are headed by appointees placed by the Cabinet or, if a given assignment will outlast the lifetime of the chosen individual, a Representative Cabinet is formed that replicates the strucuture and membership of the Executive Cabinet.

Public Agenda

While the chitiquish as a species are famous for their inability to lie, this does not mean that the chitiquish are incapable of deception by other means. Nevertheless, the Chitiquish Consortium has spend millenia cultivating a reputation as reliable, ethical entrepreneurs and tradesmen. In contrast, the Iron Talon Mining Concern is infamous for their deceptions, having caused more than one international incident by skirting the terms of contracts, diplomatic accords, and even long-held ethical norms.   While the other major nations of the Sealed Kingdoms Region - most notably the Vbyifabid Family-Flock - have long-since eschewed slavery and other exploitations of less-advanced species due to a shared experience under the boots of the older arcopel interstellar empire, Iron Talon attempted to enslave Evermornan humans into working on a colony world they dubbed Ferros Minor. This incident resulted in the humans, led by one Wurth Harkin, overthrowing that subsidiary of Iron Talon and later bombarding the planet with stolen relativistic weapons. The new Cobalt Protectorate has proven to be a consistent thorn in the side of chitiquish diplomatic efforts specifically because they were so aggrieved by the fact that Iron Talon - their only contact with the greater Consortium at that time - had tried to use them like dray animals.   Another Iron Talon subsidiary tricked several different species into launching mining and colony site exploration efforts in the Ubeko System in the hopes that these visitors would inadvertently help the local Iron Talon facility identify new sites for their own mining efforts. This subsidiary had consciously neglected to tell their new 'business partners' that multiple, often conflicting, groups had been given the same offer, and that the system's supposedly habitable worlds were actually too inhospitable for most carbon-based life. The survivors of the resulting system-wide scramble for resources moved to the Alpha Xymeria System, where yet another Iron Talon subsidiary was busy plundering the dying world of Karst for its salvage while the locals were still struggling to survive there.   For these and other reasons, the Iron Talon Mining Concern is generally unliked in the interstellar community, surviving only because it is ancient, self-sufficient, and has national loyalty to hold it together. Nevertheless, for those looking for bulk resources and whom have little in the way of moral qualms about where those resources come from, Iron Talon does offer excellent trade deals to those willing to read the fine print.


Iron Talon assets are somewhat decentralized, with numerous small mining and distribution outposts spread throughout the Sealed Kingdoms Region. Iron Talon outposts tend to be asteroid colonies built with heavy defense and drydock capabilities in mind, as minerals extracted from spaceborne deposits are the organization's primary source of income.

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