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The Hound's Fang

The Hound's Fang is, publicly, a tavern and fight club where fighters and spectators alike bet on the outcome of bouts. Secretly, the organizers use the matches to find physically fit individuals and the gambling to pressure select individuals into participating in Lycanthropy experiments.


Even from its outset, the Fang has a reputation for competitive patrons (fighters and gamblers alike). This is largely by design as the gambling and competition provide a way for fighters to dig themselves in to a hole where they are more easily recruited in Lycanthropy experiment.   Some outside groups look negatively on the Fang, believing it to be nothing more than a way for the proprietors to get rich of people desperate enough to endure a beating for a chance at some money.


  • Gambling revenue serves as the main source of income for the Fang, to the point that rumors circulate that some of the matches are rigged (interestingly, only the lower-tier matches are ever rigged in someone's favor; the more premier fights are clean because they would have greater scrutiny as well as the fact the Fang would make a good sum by its cut of the bets anyway).
  • The club receives additional funds from those operating the Lycanthropy experiments as it allows study of potential treatments and cures for the condition as well as developing a more controlled variant of it.
  • Loan sharks and powerful gamblers are utilized to both help drive patrons in to a corner, but also to keep the Lycanthropy experiments secret (the fighters all think that what their taking is just performance enhancers from someone unrelated to the Hound's Fang and its organizers; if they ever tried to expose the secret, they would be in grave danger since they basically screwed over the other gamblers by doping)
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