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Chapel of Valferan

The chapel of Valferan is an organizations made by vampires, for vampires. They embody the notion that the goddess queen of the Shadowfell, Valferan, created vampires with excessive predatory instincts, making them more primal than civilized. It is the members of the chapel's belief that they must overcome their primal instincts to please their goddess, proving that they are capable of overcoming their flaws and their hunger.

The primary work of the chapel involves "rehabilitating" vampires from being bloodthirsty creatures of the night to being valuable members of society. Rehab is usually done by gradual starvation. As vampires don't actually have to feed, but only does so by habit or instinct, they feed their members less and less blood (ethically sourced through donations) over a prolonged period of time, until they no longer suffer from the hunger.

The chapel has branches all over the continent of Gardemoor, and are usually welcomed and endorsed by the different governments there, as they believe a controlled group of vampires is better than lone predators. Still, the common folk consider the vampires to be monsters, whether they are organized or not. And sometimes the common folk are right. Young vampires, new arrivals at a chapel have a hard time containing their hunger, and may be susceptible to committing rampages if not contained by their elders.

The largest chapel in the world is located in the Archonate, where anyone suffering from vampirism is not only welcome to join, they are required to. It is also one of the few chapels that accommodate those who suffer from lycanthropy as well.
Religious, Cult

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