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Zuvmurt Military

Whether King Turgesa III desires to reign over the entire stretch of the Homelands east of the Lofty Peaks. Whether The Rapacious thirsts for ever-increasing blood and violence. Whether the nobles hope to grow their coffers which already overflow with gold.   The Zuvmurt Military terrorizes all who dare stand in their path.   There is no bargaining with the Zuvmurt Military. There comes no hope with surrender. There are only two options left if the opposing force cannot fight them back. Slavery or Death.  


  The Zuvmurt Military was first re-formed under the leadership of King Tugesa II. What was a mere royal's guard when he began his reign was forced to grow into an army whose only mission was to defeat The Rapacious. When King Tugesa II realized the futility of the war, he surrendered and turned his entire military into the hands of the devil disguised as a red half-dragon.   The Zuvmurt Military now consists of The Rapacious as the Commander in Chief with his Tiefling Priests (called enforcers) acting as the Generals. Below the Tiefling Enforcers are the Rapacious' Elite, elven soldiers who swear fealty only to The Rapacious. And finally, the enlisted and conscripted foot soldiers, both living and undead.    

Rapacious' Elite

  During the second century of The Rapacious' Command, he had King Tugesa II declare that all elves who were not born of noble blood must surrender their firstborn child. At the age of five, this child would attend the Cult of Rapacious' Monastery of War, where they would give up their name, their identity, and their humanity. Many children do not survive the harsh regiment of the Tiefling Monks. They break not just their bodies, but their minds and their hearts. Those that come out alive are zealot warriors loyal only to The Rapacious and the utter annihilation of his enemies. Be it foreign or domestic. Rapacious' Elite work as assassins. Although on the battlefield, they send waves of terror to any solider who must face them. The most powerful of the Elite fly into battle on nightmare steeds of pure darkness, wreathed in flames. Others surround the ground troops atop displacer beasts, their tentacles striking at all who dare brandish a weapon.  

Rise of the Undead

  It is an exhausted battlefield that fights their way through the fodder of foot soldiers, the hordes of unfeeling assassin-warriors, and the cacophony of monstrous beasts the Tiefling Enforcers let free, not caring if they attack ally or enemy. And when it's over, it has only just begun. The Tiefling Enforcers, who would never sully their robes with the blood of folk they find beneath them, steps onto the battlefield and begins to chant.   If the Jugonshi Warriors are in the battle, this may be their only chance to unleash every magic missile in their arsenal.   Moments later their enemies begin to rise. Seconds after that, their fallen allies brush off their fatal wounds and attack. The undead have returned and now the exhausted soldiers must begin the battle anew.  

Desperation and Conscription

  Few would argue: The Rapacious is pure evil. All would agree that his minion tieflings are cut from the same linen. And yet, many in Zuvmurt's Military feel conflicted as they're slashing into yet another body. Many still would escape from Zuvmurt Kingdom if given the chance.   In much the way you would feel sorry for the brain-washed souls of Rapacious' Elite if they weren't so intent on killing you. It is also easy to feel pity for the foot solider whose choice was stolen. Parents are required to give one child away, but families can receive a sizable sum for any additional child they sell to the military. And so another child was sacrificed to war so that the rest of the family could eat. Others are conscripted as punishment for a crime. With the only other options being: lifelong slavery or death by Tournament Sacrifice, many only join the battlefield for fear of their own life.
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The Rapacious thirsts for blood and he doesn't care where he gets it. During their march through the desert, foot soldiers are forbidden from carrying any food or drink. They are told to raid those villages and settlements nearby. Take what you want from them. Then take those healthy enough as slaves for the Kingdom. Tiefling Enforcers send out their pet Howlers to track individuals and villages. From there, it is up to the foot soldiers to follow the howls to face a terrified village. It only takes a few such raids for even the most compassionate of foot soldiers to turn every emotion but rage and hate off. It may be the only way they know how to survive.
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