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Zuvmurt Kingdom

A Gilded Kingdom Turned Red

The Zuvmurt Kingdom is an Elven nation located west of the Lofty Peaks. Their borders stretch north to the ocean's edge and throughout the Mesa Dunes. Their lands include grasslands, a fertile valley, and the endless stretch of desert. However, much of the southern desert lands are highly contested, with inhabitants claiming independent settlements. The Zuvmurt Kingdom relies on their abundant resources and the slaves they used to exploit it to maintain and grow their wealth.
  Zuvmurt inhabitants originally worshipped Zuvat, Elven God of Light and Commerce. The monarchy claimed direct descent from Zuvat and still carry his name. However, during the Devils' Storm, the Zuvmurt Kingdom was one of the first to fall. Although the noble families called on their armies to fight against The Rapacious, King Turgesa II of Family Zuvat immediately surrendered upon news that The Rapacious killed Zuvat.
  In exchange for their surrender, The Rapacious allowed the Royal Zuvat family to continue their rule, growing their wealth beyond measure. However, as punishment for their attempted resistance, The Rapacious declared that he would handpick two Noblemen to battle every New Moon. The only prize for victory is life. And the fact you never have to enter the Tournament Sacrifice again. The defeated's soul is transported directly to Halja. The Rapacious is known to pit siblings or lovers against one another. As a result, many Nobleman avoid close bonds. Others hope that through devoted worship to the Cult of Rapacious, The Rapacious will be less likely to choose them.
  To appease The Rapacious' need for defeated souls, daily Tournament Sacrifices are held in honor of the Cult of Rapacious. The daily fighting population comes from the slave class, many whom are prisoners of war, and from Elven inhabitants who broke the law.

Endless War

The Zuvmurt Kingdom is engaged in an endless battle with the settlements of the south. Zuvmurt battles in the name of The Rapacious, hoping to collect more souls through the death of the opposition's Folk. Those who are not killed on the battlefield are forced into slavery, many in the mines. Enlisting in the King's Army can protect a criminal from entering the Tournament Sacrifice. Additionally, if a slave serves a decade in the King's Army--and brings back ten slaves--they are granted freedom. The King's War promotes Nationalist propaganda, particularly near the capital city, Mvujdi, and serves to bolsters their iron ore industry.

Settlements of Interest

Capital City of Mvurjdi

  The Elven King Turgesa III's gold palace shines in the center of the Capital City. However, the biggest attraction in Mvurjdi is the New Moon Tournament Sacrifices of the noble families. Despite the overwhelming fear of the Rapacious' presence, common elves enjoy attending the battles. Entrance and exit from the Capital City is through letter of invitation only.
Rose Sea Valley

  Rose Sea Valley is located in the northern portion of the Kingdom. It is known for the large pink lake, which houses valuable pink salt. The salt is harvested by slave labor. Surrounding the Rose Sea Lake, is fertile land where crops are harvested for the Noble Families or exported to the neighboring Thorbilje Dynasty.

Vanesu Mines

  The Vanesu Mines are located in the land owned by the noble family Vanesu. The mines are operated primarily by slave labor and are responsible for the majority of gold wealth in the Kingdom of Zuvat.
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Freed Folk Village

  Freed Folk Village, which is located on the outskirts of Mvurjdi, is a settlement of freed slaves and their families. The small village is largely removed from the Zuvmurt Kingdom. As most of the inhabitants are not full elves, they have limited rights regarding where they are allowed to live or travel. Folk are also not allowed to possess weapons or practice magic. The village is expected to be completely self-sustaining with no outside assistance or funds from the Zuvmurt Kingdom. They are not able to leave the village without travel documents. Beyond that, Freed Folk are able to do as they please within the walls of their village.
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