King Turgesa III

He might just take after his mother.
  King Turgesa III is the ruler of Zuvmurt Kingdom and the second monarch to reign since the ascension of Rapacious. He took possession of the throne after his father was selected for the New Moon Tournament Sacrifice. During the Tournament Sacrifice, King Turgesa III lost both his parents due to his mother's insanity. As she was the other contestant in the arena, his mother was driven mad from being forced to kill his father.  

Background & History

  King Turgesa III is one of the youngest reigning monarchs in the history of Zuvmurt Kingdom, barely 100 years when he took the throne. Although he was not the firstborn of his father, his elder siblings all died during the earlier battles against The Rapacious before his father surrendered. Never knowing of life before The Rapacious' ascension, Turgesa III was raised to follow the tenants of The Cult of Rapacious.   Shortly after being crowned king, Turgesa married. He has two 16 year old twin daughters who have been privately tutored since birth by a Tiefling Monk of War. They are assassins and act as his secret bodyguards. Although Turgesa would never admit it out loud, he is still traumatized by the demise of his parents. He strives to ensure that he and his daughters will never be selected for the New Moon Tournament. Ensuring that the girls follow the Rapacious in both body and heart.  

The Proxy Ruler

  Mocked by many in hushed circles, King Turgesa III is regarded as weak. Unwilling to push back on The Rapacious' demands. Although his father swore fealty to The Rapacious, he strived to make decisions that were in the best interest of his Kingdom. The elder Turgesa's ultimate loyalty to the kingdom would be his downfall. King Turgesa III only strives to make The Rapacious happy. This has resulted in more battles across the desert and a push to control more land. Food shortages within the Kingdom are common, as farmers are must join the Zuvmurt Military to earn enough coin to survive. And as less children are left to ensure a strong agricultural backbone, the food shortage grows more evident.   Only the nobles can claim any comfort in the Kingdom. If comfortable includes terror for every New Moon. However, there have been rumors that The Rapacious is unhappy with the size of the military. That he wants to add noble blood to His Elite. Unlike the nobles, who care only to increase their wealth, King Turgesa III cares more for war than he does coin. And has been diverted resources that would increase the noble's wealth. Even risking alienation from their only ally, The Thorbilje Dynasty.   Some noble families have been plotting to overturn both King Turgesa III and The Rapacious in one fell swoop. To do so, they have been sending loyal slaves to find Zuvmurt's Gold Khopesh. All who have been sent have died.
Known by many to be a cowardly ruler and terrible strategist with a voice too loud for his weak-willed way. His laughter too boisterous at the slaughter of strangers. Known also as a King who enjoys watching blood spill, so long as it's not his family's. The King only leaves his palace to attend nearly every Tournament Sacrifice. He will often hand-select contestants from a group of prisons and slaves. Wearing a single gold glove to better examine the fortitude of the contenders as he asks them nonsense questions. Sitting between his twin daughters, who act as his true secret bodyguards, the King's face curls in glee as he watches the blood spill from the two desperate folk. When two people are reluctant to fight, the King demands a third person be thrown into the Tournament so that he can have his daily entertainment.
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