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The Unity

The Unity was the imposition of one person's will over the whole of the Cluster Islands. Autocratic enough when that one was Walemin, who had general prosperity as a goal, it became tyrannical when Kezlaf succeeded her. His twenty-five years as Uniter were a period of sheer terror. He maintained his power through three tools of enforcement: the One Guard, armed with weapons designed to cause slow death; the Wringers, able to wipe out a person's memory and personality; and the Eruptor, a device capable of triggering a volcanic eruption anywhere Kezlaf felt deserved it. The threat of such widespread destruction encouraged island governors to actively suppress dissent, and the fear of a living death kept most people quiet.


The hierarchy of the Unity was put in place mainly for appearance's sake. Each island had regional governors, reporting to an island governor. Each island also had representatives on the legislative council, called the One Mind, which met on Mraydor and was presided over by the Uniter. However, each representative was appointed by the Uniter, and all governors were appointed either by the One Mind or by the Uniter, as were all judges in Mraydor's courts.

Public Agenda

Walemin presented the Unity as a means to allow the islands to share their relative benefits equitably. With conduits connecting all the islands, Mraydor's raw materials could be shipped more quickly and cheaply to Scaetra, reducing the cost of boats. Food produce spending less time at sea meant less spoilage, less malnutrition, and a wider market for more delicate products. Medical emergencies could reach Galtern's hospitals sooner, saving lives. A centralized authority over all the islands would ensure a smooth flow of goods and people wherever they were most needed.
These were laudable ideals, but had damaging consequences. Local courts were shut down because all cases were tried on Mraydor, for consistency in rulings. Producers were required to send the bulk of their goods over the water, resulting in shortages in the local markets. The conduits blocked Tiderider routes across the Inside Sea, and families were not assuaged by Walemin's promise that they could keep the "outside" trade.
Kezlaf's vision was even less benign, and he didn't bother to cloak it in good intentions. He felt that those with the power of water manipulation should not have to be constrained by those without it. He routinely toured the islands, looking for people--especially children--with a strong water sense. He also recruited as many retired Water Seekers as he could, and it is now believed that he killed any he could not persuade.


The Unity was brought down in 2040 Vol when the Dissolvers launched an attack on Mraydor. Kezlaf was killed, and the remainder of the One Guard and other loyal Unity supporters fled to Galtern. Uprisings there the following year forced them to abandon that island as well. As the Dregs, they continue to interfere with the Allied Isles.

We Are One Island

2000 - 2040

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