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Eris Family


The clans of the family gather every 5 years to select a leader. In essence, this is a position for life, but on the travel books it constitutes a participating democracy and allows the Navy to pass by without much notice.


Most inhabitants are kept under control through the use of drugs that affect their ability to think independently, but still maintain the skills to produce quality work.

Public Agenda

Maintain their world despite the small population


The Eris family has three starships they own outright, but most trade is conducted by "friends of the family". These friends carry out the slave trade and piracy that supports the family.

Demography and Population

The official population of Eriscilla is only 200, representing the Eris Family members. What remains hidden is the thousands of slaves that the family has brought to the world and keep under control through the use of drugs. Visitors will rarely encounter anyone outside of the family, but rumors are starting to appear about how the world can maintain the population and relatively high tech level, let alone it's small, but outstanding starport and maintenance facilities.

Technological Level

Currently limited to technology level 9, the family should be able to start supporting tech level 10 within 2 or three years. They are building up the labor camps and infrastructure to support that capability.

Agriculture & Industry

The Eris family maintains it's high standard of living by using slave labor to provide starship maintenance and a trade port. Located just 2 parsecs from a fairly busy jump-1 main has allowed their reputation for quality work to bring in more and more over the years. It is limited to technology level 9, but the relatively low prices (see the slave labor part) allows for brisk business and covering up the slave trade and piracy that makes the Eris Family rich and provides them with a way to launder goods, services, and money.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Controlled Territories
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