Links of Tyranix

The Links of Tyranix are an arm of the church of Tyranix, evil god of law, order and tyranny. Particularly powerful in Zardis, they act as the church's secret police and espionage force, monitoring the populace and searching out those they deem to be traitors and spies. Feared by the population they control, there is no depth to which they will not stoop in the name of their god. Part of their duties are to hunt down and capture spellcasters to be sacrificed to Tyranix atop the Nullstone, their life powering its insidious effect.   Agents of the Links frequently go undercover in the population, infiltrating groups and listening to conversations in taverns. There is little to distinguish the skilled spies from any other person, until they produce the small leather folder containing a link of spiked black iron chain which is their identification. Terror sets into onlookers at that point, for in the view of the church of Tyranix, accusation is proof of guilt. That is enough to provoke punishment of the most brutal and vicious degree.   Should the Links decide a confession is required, their torturers are more than capable of obtaining one in short order, and the fact that torture was 'required' to evoke a confession is considered worthy of further punishment, for 'attempting to conceal the truth from the Church.'   The head of the Tyranix Inquisition is known as the First Link, and his name is known to no-one but the High Priest. He is rarely seen unmasked, and wears black-enamelled gauntlets when in his official uniform. These gauntlets bear a great many divine blessings, including the ability to merge with the shadows, blocking all scrying attempts, and greatly enhancing his strength. The First Link is known to take part in interrogations using only his gauntlets to crush and mangle victims, the metal soaking up the blood to leave no sign that they had ever been besmirched.   The Second Link is a beautiful and deadly blonde woman with ice-blue eyes and a degree of sociopathy rarely seen. Any who stand in her way are dealt with using viciousness that makes even hardened soldiers and torturers blanch. A skilled spy and assassin, she is fanatically dedicated to Tyranix and determined to rise to the rank of First Link.   The Links have built monolithic dark stone buildings throughout Zardis to serve as bases of operations. Thick walls and few windows do little more than muffle the screams and pleas for mercy emanating from within - mercy that never comes.


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