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Assistants to the Elevation

The assistants are a cult dedicated to the original deity of death. They work to undermine the church of the usurper and advance their deity's goals by attempting to elevate as many people as possible to a purer state.   While some try to paint them as a human cukt, adherents can be found in every land. Species is no bar to membership, nor is whether a candidate is breathing or not.

Public Agenda

The main goal of the assistants is to end all life in accordance with the demands of their deity. They are willing to use any and all means to achieve this (and are quite proud of the fact). Unsurprisingly the assistants are considered to be criminals in every land, and even those considered to be great evils in their own right (like Oliver or Rigel Fearshroud) will not tolerate the assistants.


This cult has existed for as long as there are records, always lurking in the shadows and attempting to destroy the world of the living. Operating on extreme paranoia the cult ensures copies of their manifesto and scriptures are hidden away from their primary lair so that there is always something for a future generation to uncover.   The cult first became recognised as a threat in the first age when there was an attempt to poison the water supply in Limina. Minor incidents involving undead followed which led the authorities in different countries to conclude the cult was no real threat. This changed with an attack in the Empire of Trem where a cult necromancer used zombies infected with azure ooze. The rapid spread of the disease aided by the zombie hosts led the empire to request aid from it's rival the Holy Kingdom of Caresnas.   The cult's hand could also be seen in the Necromancer War, and while it wasn't made public knowledge, several cult artefacts were found amongst the effects of the leadership of the necromancers.   During the second age the cult was forced to take the unusal step of helping to save the world during the Days of the One in order to restore their lord's stolen divinity. Towards the end of teh seccond age the cult's hand could also be seen in various atrocities commited during the War of Ascension.

Tenets of Faith

  • Life is an abomination that polutes the world with chaos.
  • The living must be elevated to a pure state of death.
  • The usurper shows their ignorance by permitting souls to be reborn.
  • Only when no more life is created can our lord's perfect world be realised.
  • Dying is a blessing, failing is inexcusable.

Death brings order

Religious, Cult
Notable Members
As a secretive cult there is little communication between different congregations and they can end up working against each other. Most of the cultists are only capable of things like poisoning a village well or killing a village healer, but occasionally a charismatic leader will emerge with a grand vision for how to achieve their goals. Such plans frequently involve trying to locate and recover the cult's four great artefacts.
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