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War of Ascension

The Conflict


Following the Necromancer War the world was united under a single banner. There was no war between nations, and even the savage races had been subdued. The leader of the nations was the Lord-High Magus, who was chosen from amongst the Arch Mages of the Colleges of Magic. To ensure an orderly transition of power, the Lord Magus' successor was chosen years in advance of being required. However, at the end of the time of air, a pretender to the throne, Oscar Hilsburg, attempted to seize power. Various nations seeking power supported this pretender, breaking the alliance and ending hundreds of years of peace. The elven and dwarven nations united behind the true Lord Magus, Miluril Starbrow, but many of the human nations supported the pretender as he was one of their own.


Towards the end of the war with no victory in sight for either, Oscar and his allies found a way to weaken the barrier to the negative energy plane hoping to draw upon it's power. In doing so they unleashed a horde of demons on the world that slaughtered their way across all the kingdoms save the elves and the dwarves. The Alliance was obliterated within a matter of years in a period now known as the Years of Darkness.


Though none knew it at the time weakening the barrier was not a one-off effect. It continues to weaken every half a millenia, allowing the demons through to wipe out whatever lands had growen in the intervening period.
Conflict Type
Conflict Result
The elves and dwarves under the banner of Miluril Starbrow best survived the conflict
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