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It is the fourth age of recorded history. The world is still recovering from the after effects of the Years of Darkness, when hordes of demons were unleashed. Though the elves and the dwarves were protected in their lands, the other races were decimated, with only handfuls surviving in various shelters. It has been several centuries since they emerged and began rebuilding their world.  


Tremanac has several large continents and is typically broken into eight regions by scholars and those who travel extensively.
Most people don't use these region names (or are even aware that they exist), instead using the name of whichever land governs the area they are refering to instead. The current exception is the Empire of Dalthion where the name may safely be taken as a statement of intent by the emperor.  


Months and Days
Most cultures in Tremanac use a 14 month calendar. Each month has 25 days and aligns to the lunar cycle, with a new moon at the start of the month and full moon in the middle of the month. There are 8 days in a week and 24 glasses in a day. See Calendar Months and days for more details.
  Glasses are usually measured using a sandglass. The dwarves of Ironhammer halls can make mechanical timepieces but these are too expensive for common use.   The history of the world is broken down into three ages (excluding the current one).

The Age of Strife

The Age of Strife was when numerous lands fought with each other to establish their borders. It was a time of open conflict with mercenaries hired to fight other lands as often as they were paid to fight monsters. It was brought to an end by the Necromancer War.

The Age of the Alliance

The Age of The Alliance is when the nations of Kaara set aside their differences to form what would become a worldwide alliance. Under the watchful gaze of the Colleges of Magic the world enjoyed many periods of peace until the War of Ascension.

The Age of the Empire

Following the disaster of the Years of Darkness the elves helped those they had rescued to rebuild their civilisations. The Empire was created to help keep order but even it's massive armies were unable to shield people from the second years of darkness

The Current Age

The current age sees countries in conflict once again. Unlike the previous age the elves were unable to control how the shorter lived species rebuilt the world and there is a towering resentment and prejudice against the elves for their failure to save more from the demons. Information on this age is broken down into:

A matter of perspective

In Tremanac the perspective of the group responsible for a book, study, or newspaper article can influence what is written. The person paying the harper is very much calling the tune and the assorted power groups can have wildly differing views on what is true. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Tavern Tales which contain many articles from the newssheets published in different lands. These provide a perspective on how the players' actions are viewed by society or the ways various groups are trying to influence opinion.  

Locked Articles

Tremanc is built for a roleplaying game and many (probably 60% if not more) of the articles are restricted to players in a Tremanac campaign. Most of the unlocked articles have been written for various events and can be found in Competition Entries. For those looking for pre-gen adventures they can be found in the top level of the Plot category.


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