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Years of Darkness

Triggered by the opening of portals to the lower planes the years of darkness saw a vast horde of demons unleashed on the world. The once powerful forces of The Alliance had been decimated in the War of Ascension and the demons were able to hold the portals against the weak and fragmented armies sent against them. With each day that the portals were open more demons piled through. At first it was relatively weak fiends such as quasits, but even the weakest demon is a threat to the average soldier. As the portals helped drag the world nearer to the abyss more powerful demons were able to come through and remain on the material plane.     The demons spread out across the world slaughtering everything in their path. Many people fled to the cities, but walls could not keep out the horde and the cities turned into death traps. All of the temples tried to create areas of safety warded against the creatures of the abyss by divine power, but these were torn apart when the more powerful demons arrived. The only places which survived were the forests of the elves and the halls of the dwarves. These two races had managed to create barriers that not even the most powerful of demons could breach. Both races took in what refugees they could but few made it as far as these sanctuaries. The demons remained in the world for half a century before the cycle of the planes made it too difficult for them to stay.
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Cover image: The party's camp by Tanai Cuinsear


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