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Summer Camp


Species | Jul 22, 2023

a canine with multiple horns

Chained Citadel
Building / Landmark | Jul 23, 2023

A hexagonal citadel which is headquarters of the Order of the Rod

Church of Drack
Organization | Dec 18, 2023

Church of the deity of Law, Order, and Crafting

Combat Sign
Language | Jul 22, 2023

A sign language used for giving silent orders.

Cycle tides
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Feb 17, 2024

A large movement in sea levels triggered by changing proximity to elemental planes.

Deera's Day
Tradition / Ritual | Oct 31, 2023

A summer tradtion of gifting art or decorations to brighten up a local Inn or meeting place

Doorway pause
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 18, 2023

An old tradition of announcing oneself before entering a room

Species | Jul 25, 2023

A plant that feeds on some of the dangerous insects in Griboli Forest.

Species | Aug 28, 2023

A lizard which can use it’s colour shifting skin to communicate with others of it’s kind

Fey Dragon
Species | Jul 30, 2023

A small flying lizard from the feywild

Ethnicity | Jul 15, 2023

Halflings who favour a quiet life working in the fields and avoiding big folk

Material | Oct 31, 2023

Bark from the carenlas tree

Fleeting Rebellion
Military Conflict | Jul 20, 2023

Rebellion by the short-lived humanoids against the elves

Fountain of Healing
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Oct 30, 2023

A natural fountain that sprays forth healing water

Goblet of Victory
Item | Jul 24, 2023

An ornate goblet blessed with the power of Virid

Griboli Forest
Geographic Location | Jul 27, 2023

A large jungle that covers much of the continent of Mocar

Horton’s Tower
Building / Landmark | Oct 31, 2023

A tower overlooking FIlishar harbour

Investiture of Authority
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 25, 2023

Ceremony to recognise a new regional governor’

Settlement | Oct 31, 2023

A northern town that was raided numerous times by goblins and orcs

Character | Jul 30, 2023

A telepathic creature that gained control of the Empire of Trem

Jonathon Ulec
Character | Jul 22, 2023

A cleric of Seyr who lead the restoration of the church after it’s corruption

Kestrel Meriweather
Character | Jul 20, 2023

A Halfling explorer and the first ruin guide

Knives of Junlin
Organization | Jul 23, 2023

A group protecting Dalthion from corruption and rebellion

Settlement | Jul 23, 2023

Capital of forest kingdom on Laiqua

Letter to Ixalsthic
Document | Oct 31, 2023

A secret deal to help unify the forces standing against the greenskin invasion

Life and the great beyond
Myth | Oct 31, 2023

An early Seyrian view of how life should be lived.

Species | Oct 31, 2023

A cow-like creature that went extinct at the end of the second age

Lithegach Herder
Profession | Dec 1, 2023

Those that looked after the lithegach before they went extinct

Mitirian Cuisine
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 23, 2023

Dishes which make use of insects, and other pests and vermin.

Settlement | Jul 22, 2023

A town on the north coast of Beraca that is home to the Order of the Rod

Peaceful Night
Organization | Jul 30, 2023

A group that kept Ixalsthic’s presence a secret

Poudin Dung
Material | Jul 13, 2023

A substitute fuel used by the poor in Khezdur when coal is in short supply

Regional Governor
Rank/Title | Jul 23, 2023

The second highest rank in the Empire of Dalthion

Condition | Jul 30, 2023

A disease which causes the internal organs to turn into a rock like substance

Royal Mirrors
Technology / Science | Oct 31, 2023

Mirros used to hold conversations between the rulers of different countries

Ruin Guide
Profession | Dec 1, 2023

An explorer who takes care not to get involved in conflict

Sabin Quellin
Character | Jul 24, 2023

A human working to protect Caresnas from other lands

Shadow Panther
Species | Jul 22, 2023

A large feline that hunts in Griboli Forest

Starbrow's Ascension
Document | Oct 31, 2023

An annoucement made in Laicosto telling the people of a new deity

They Jump High
Myth | Jul 31, 2023

Children’s song from Chirin about an insectoid invasion

Thrulos Wagon
Vehicle | Oct 31, 2023

A mass produced wagon produced by the Thrulos Group

Ethnicity | Jul 27, 2023

The dominant group in the Empire of Trem.

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Assistants to the Elevation
Organization | Dec 18, 2023

A cult dedicated to the original deity of death

Beast in the pass
Myth | Jul 26, 2022
Settlement | Nov 24, 2022

A dwarven town which held the secret to a cheap method of refining a light easily worked metal.

Burning Ants
Species | Jul 5, 2022

A type of ant that can create flames and thrives in the savage lands

Dhurilar Shimmerbrook
Character | Oct 30, 2022

A cult leader and wielder of Eternity

Drapheb Voiks
Vehicle | Dec 4, 2022

An exceptionally large type of caravan used by hobgoblin spellcasters when they travel with an army.

Ere Olque
Settlement | Jul 7, 2022

A large settlement where the tribes of the hgtoha spend the worst of the winter

Eternal Flower Ceremony
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 18, 2022

An elven ceremony for honouring the brave and skilled

Item | May 2, 2023

A scythe enchanted by a cult to raise those it kills as undead servants

First Servant
Rank/Title | Nov 18, 2022

Leader of the Servants of the state

Greenskin Invasion
Military Conflict | Jul 28, 2022

A massive invasion by goblins and orcs that nearly destroyed Caresnas.

Grove of Dancing Minds
Building / Landmark | Nov 18, 2022

The headquarters for the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Forest

Hands of the wind
Organization | Aug 5, 2022

A group which obey the instructions of a voice on the wind

Helin Silma
Character | Nov 18, 2022

The ruler of the Kingdom of the Forest during the greenskin invasion

Ethnicity | Jul 5, 2022

A collective term for the tribes that wander the savage lands

Hulgin’s Spire
Building / Landmark | Jul 23, 2022

A monument built by the McTarveks

Ironhammer halls
Settlement | Jul 24, 2022

Home to the Ironhammer clan of dwarves.

Living Death
Condition | Jul 24, 2022

A disease which makes people look like zombies

Species | Jul 20, 2023
Profession | Dec 1, 2023
Orryn Steelfist
Character | Nov 19, 2022

A former scout turned explorer

Paths of Protection
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 18, 2022

An elven tradition to ward of dark spirits during the winter

Ryn’s Journals
Document | Dec 18, 2022

Records of the travels of Orryn Steelfist

Savage Lands
Geographic Location | Jul 8, 2022

A large region to the north of Barrier mountains consisting of rock, snow, and ice.

Servants of the state
Organization | Nov 18, 2022

Made up of nobles this group is entrusted with enacting the will of the monarch or the High Council.

Item | May 2, 2023

A lamp which burns the spirits of the recently departed

Stone Gallery
Geographic Location | Jul 24, 2022

A cave filled with shifting lights and music

Striped Longclaw
Species | Jul 26, 2022

A large animal with brown and green horizontal stripes and a single large claw on it’s forepaws

Trial of Growth
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 6, 2022

A ceremony to mark the point where young hgtoha become eligible to start training fully as warriors.

Voikorok Sap
Material | Jul 5, 2022

The sap of the Voikorok tree is prized for it's ability to meld together pieces of wood.

Technology / Science | Aug 27, 2023

A tool developed in the.time of alliance that used magic to generate and store compressed air.

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Language | Jul 5, 2022
Brellgyr Dralocoth
Character | Jul 5, 2022
Change of Elements
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 17, 2024

A ceremony to mark the shift in elemental energies.

Chogrin Hall
Settlement | Jul 5, 2022

A mining settlement in the Dragon Wastes.

Dragon Wastes
Geographic Location | Jul 5, 2022

A region of Beraca known for it's inhospitable climate and rare ores.

Edwin's Hall
Building / Landmark | Jan 2, 2023

The Hall of Judgement in Bellcross

Material | Jul 5, 2022

A rare mineral used in refining adamantite and mythril

Fey Speaker
Profession | Jul 5, 2022

People who ensure fey and mortals can live peacefully in an area

Form Stabiliser
Technology / Science | Jul 5, 2022
Green Corruption
Condition | Jul 5, 2022

A disease which gradually turns the victims into goblins or orcs

Hyacinth Bluebottle
Character | Jul 5, 2022

Halfling adventurer who leads the 6 Flowers.

Immaculate Throne
Item | May 2, 2023

The throne of Filishar in the first and second ages

Letter from The Awakened
Document | Jul 5, 2022
Organization | May 7, 2023
Night of Suffering
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 20, 2023
Oron Calcamorna
Geographic Location | Jul 5, 2022

The tallest mountain in the Dragon Wastes and a central part of the story of the War of Scale and Flame.

Settlement | Jul 5, 2022

A town at the mouth of the Pelios River.

Species | Jul 5, 2022

A four legged beast raised by dwarves as a beast of burden.

Purple Prickle
Species | Jul 5, 2022

A plant native to the dragon wastes that captures animals and drains their fluids with it's tendrils.

Ethnicity | Jul 5, 2022

Dwarves from the continent of Beraca

Royal Falcons
Military Formation | May 7, 2023

Sworn protectors of the Ruler of Caresnas

Ethnicity | Jan 20, 2023
Smoke Pencils
Item | Jul 5, 2022

An enchanted pencil that can be used to write messages in the air with smoke.

Strelphin Hall
Building / Landmark | Jul 5, 2022
The Awakened
Organization | May 7, 2023

A group which rejects the deities and seeks to remove their influence from the world.

The Corpse Harvest
Military Conflict | Jul 5, 2022

A rebellion in Balri which was ruthlessly put down.

Tree of Insight
Myth | Jul 5, 2022
Tyber of Puginford
Character | May 19, 2023
Voices of Wisdom
Organization | Dec 17, 2023

An order of dwarven clerics who preserve their race's knowledge and traditions

War of Scale and Flame
Myth | Oct 20, 2022

How the Dragon Wastes became so barren and the transformation of Oron Calcamourna

Warden of Shaon
Rank/Title | May 19, 2023

An honourary title bestowed by the Earl of Shaon

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223 / 03 / 07 - Chirin to Resist Aggressor
Generic article | Dec 22, 2023

Chirin Council votes to take action against Caresnas

Profession | Jan 29, 2024

The bureaucrats who keep the Empire of Dalthion running

Beryl's Ring of Altered Missile
Item | Dec 9, 2023

A ring which chanes the energy type of some spells

C10-95-03-05 - Mindreader in Battlehelm cavern
Generic article | Dec 1, 2023

An unknown mindreader is stalking the streets of Battlehelm Cavern

C10-95-03-06 - Battlehelms failing to keep order
Generic article | Dec 8, 2023

Report on assorted incidents in Battlehelm cavern

C10-95-03-07 - Deserters Roaming Khezdur
Generic article | Dec 8, 2023

A small team of soldiers have deserted their most and snuck back into Khezdur

Item | Dec 30, 2023

Animated corpses used to perform a variety of dull or dangerous tasks

Organization | Dec 21, 2023

The first region of the Empire of Dalthion

Deiran Bay
Settlement | Dec 8, 2023

A harbour town that serves as the capital of Deiran

Diplomat's Quill
Item | Dec 9, 2023

A quill which can take dictation and improve the contents of a message

Faded document from Zertin Library
Generic article | Jan 30, 2024

A document faded with age which desribes a magical sceptre

Final Service
Spell | Dec 30, 2023

Ritual used to animate Dariworkers

Item | Dec 9, 2023

A metal gauntlet that can glow red hot

Island in the Storm
Myth | Dec 27, 2023

An island at the centre of a never ending storm

Journal found in Zertin Library
Generic article | Dec 3, 2023

Parts of a journal found in the ruins of the Library of Zertin

Julie's Journal
Generic article | Dec 3, 2023

Pages from a journal found in the Library of Zertin

Organization | Dec 23, 2023

The group of deities worshipped by the dwarves

Library by the Lake
Plot | Dec 31, 2023

A D&D adventure for 4-6 level 10 characters in which the group try to find out what has happened to a missing expedition

Species | Dec 30, 2023

A variant of the bluebell with red tinged flowers.

Luicarnyelle village
Settlement | Jan 29, 2024

A village deep in the forest which is best known for it's unusual workers

Mountains of Yarbrix
Geographic Location | Dec 25, 2023

A mountain range in north Laiqua that is home to a dragon

Building / Landmark | Dec 30, 2023

A large arena which hosted fights between gladiators and monsters

Rank/Title | Dec 30, 2023

An official tasked with running a town or city

Organization | Dec 22, 2023

A well known vault making company from Laiqua

Scraps found in Reismill
Generic article | Jan 30, 2024

Scraps of paper found in Reismill village

Sea of the Unending Storm
Geographic Location | Dec 30, 2023

A sea at the north-east of Dalthion

Sun's Shield
Organization | Dec 31, 2023

A militant order linked to the church of Seyr

Tandariel Shimmerstone
Character | Dec 30, 2023

An elven wizard responsible for the creation of Dariworkers

Thought Drain
Condition | Jan 29, 2024

Side effects experienced by those subjected to telepathic probes

Voting in Luicarnyelle
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 30, 2023

Process for making decisions in Purplebell village

Character | Dec 22, 2023

A dragon who dwells in the north of Laiqua

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Andaxius’ Domain
Geographic Location | Dec 5, 2022

The region ruled by Andaxius

Species | Dec 24, 2022

A demon which possesses corpses

Coal and Steel
Tradition / Ritual | May 7, 2023

A 2 player board game played on a 10x10 grid.

Organization | May 7, 2023

A group which protects the Forest Kingdom through covert means

Fergus the Miner
Myth | Dec 24, 2022

A dwarf renowned for his generosity who inspired an annual tradition

Myth | Dec 13, 2022

A solitary figure that stalked through Redwood

Frost Spirit
Species | Dec 27, 2022

A malicious fey that that haunts cold and snowy places

Settlement | Dec 24, 2022

Capital of the Mktulax domains

Ilma Olie
Organization | Dec 18, 2023

The Elven Pantheon

Legion of the Mktulax
Military Formation | May 7, 2023

The typical army in the Mktulax domains

Character | Dec 18, 2022

A half-ogre who led a unit of ogres from the Unstoppable Force

Prayer of Regeneration
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 10, 2022

A ritual used to regrow or repair lost or heavily damaged organs and limbs.

Ryn’s Guide to Mountain Plants
Generic article | Dec 20, 2022

A guide to plants written by Orryn

Shaby’s Wand
Item | May 2, 2023

A magic wand created by a less than capable goblin spellcaster

Siantrin Tower
Building / Landmark | Jul 16, 2023

One of the colleges of magic

Siblings of the Scale
Organization | May 7, 2023

A group supposedly dedicated to helping dragonborn who had been treated unfairly

Silver Wolf
Character | Dec 22, 2022

A powerful fey who personifies the hunt

Snow Ogre
Species | Feb 10, 2023

A subspecies of ogre adapted to the cold.

Sylvan Trickster
Character | Oct 21, 2023

An archfey who delights in playing pranks and causing trouble

Unstoppable Force
Organization | May 7, 2023

A large hobgoblin army

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Tradition / Ritual | Dec 31, 2022

A trial designed to determine if someone has the potential to become a druid or spellweaver

Blessed Crafting
Tradition / Ritual | Nov 19, 2022

A dwarcen ritual to enchant an item once every 103 years.

Condition | Jul 5, 2022

A condition which causes the sufferer to lose their night vision

Delivery Circle
Spell | Aug 5, 2022
Dwarven Brewer
Profession | Nov 19, 2022

A respected crafter and creator of drinks that have near magical properties

Dwellers of the Peak
Organization | Aug 5, 2022

A dwarven druidic circle who make their home at the top of a mountain.

Fort Elegar
Building / Landmark | Oct 31, 2022

A fortress that has changed many times over the ages

Friends of the Household
Organization | May 7, 2023

Iinformation gatherers who serve the kingdom of the forest

Organization | May 7, 2023

A group of soldiers within the regular military recognised for their commitment to Clan Magrannor.

Settlement | Nov 23, 2022

The main settlement of the Magrannor halls

Kovias Junlinson
Character | Dec 11, 2023

The emperor of Dalthion

Marvellous Wright Note Taker
Item | Jul 5, 2022

A box which writes down everything spoken near it

McArbeck Way
Organization | May 7, 2023

A group of dwarves trained in unarmed combat

Nulgin Magrannor
Character | Nov 19, 2022

Head of Clan Magrannor and King of Magrannor Halls

Tradition / Ritual | Nov 19, 2022

A period when mining is put on hold in preparation for the replenishment

Organization | May 7, 2023

A group of elves who try to keep the old religions alive

Rigel Fearshroud
Character | Oct 31, 2022

An undead warrior served by a coven of hags

Shardia Silma
Character | Nov 18, 2022

Ruler of the Kingdom of the Forest

Organization | Nov 19, 2022

A family of dwarves known for their skill in working stone.

The Dual Invasion
Military Conflict | May 6, 2023

An attack on the Magrannor halls by the humans and orcs

The Groodder
Myth | Jul 10, 2022

A malicious spirit that haunts the mines and causes a variety of problems

Tirdeck’s disease
Condition | Jul 5, 2022

A disease which causes the bones to melt

Urrick’s bag of not carrying
Item | Jul 5, 2022

This was a failed attempt at creating a bag of holding by the eccentric sorceror Urrick Rockhelm.

Varbeck’s Walls
Building / Landmark | Dec 1, 2023

A set of six walls which protect the main entrance to Magrannor Halls

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