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Dreamer’s Shrine

Purpose / Function

This shrine was built by the Imberdins before history was really recorded. Located on the island of future dreams in the sheltered sea the shrine was constructed within a cave where people had reported receiving visions of the future. The shrine served two purposes:
  • To provide a place for those wishing to experience the dreams without the inconvenience of having to sleep on a bare cave florr.
  • To provide an income for those who had hit upon the idea of charging the visitors to the cave.
Map of north coast of the sheltered sea


The dreams experienced in the shrine were not always pleasant and some claimed that their were whispered messages in them. This didn't deter the many who made the journey here, though they were locked in individual rooms during the night incase the dreams inspired violent behaviour.   The shrine was abandoned for centuries until the Kingdom of Balri expanded into the area. The stories of the shrine had been lost so for a time it was used by those fishing in area. However, after some of those staying here began to experience strange dreams in which they heard whispered messages just on theedge of hearing they began to think it was haunted. Rumours spread that the cell like structure of some of the rooms was because it had been used as a prison, and the whispers were the voices of those who had died there.   The followers of various deities tried to exorcise the supposed ghosts but all eventually came to the conclusion that the shrine wasn't haunted. The public took some convincing and the shrine went unused for another century before anyone was willing to venture in again. A sailor who had stopped off on the island decided to use the shrine to get out of a storm. After experiencing what he believed to be a prophetic dream he made use of the knowledge to gain great wealth. His story inspired others to try experiencing the dreams of the shrine and it once again became a popular destination. However, several of those who went to dream were driven mad by what they saw and the entire island became home to a cult dedicated to The One who Knows.
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