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C10-95-03-06 - Battlehelms failing to keep order

A growing number of people are raising concerns about whether Clan Battlehelm are doing an adequate job of maintaining law and order in their cavern. There have been several incidents lately which may indicate that the clan leadership is losing control.   In one case several travellers arrested on suspicion of entering the cavern for nefarious purposes seemingly disappeared from a locked jail cell. The escaped criminals have still not been found and a source familiar with the details has indicated that the records of those criminals have been removed on the orders of someone high placed in the clan. Whether this was intended as a cover up for incompetence or if it indicates a link between the criminals and someone senior in the clan is unclear at this point.   In another incident a group of guests staying at an inn in the cavern were attacked by half a dozen well armed assailants. The guests themselves were an unusual group with half being elves. Clearly skilled and unusually well armed, this group were able to fight off the assailants and report the incident to the guards. While their explanation for why they were attacked seems reasonable (they claimed the attackers were after gold) sources familiar with the matter have indicated that the assailants did not appear to be opportunistic thieves. Whatever the reason for the attack, the fact that the Battlehelms are failing to prevent such conflict is a cause for concern for all those dwelling in that cavern.   Further questions are also be asked about the Battlehelms following the desertion of a son of the clan leader. Rutgar Battlehelm was a member of the Palace Guard but has been away without leave for several days now. Given his personal gear was cleared out of the guards barracks it would appear that this was pre-planned. Rutgarā€™s desertion also seems to have occurred too closely to the disappearance of his former mentor, Bardil Steelfist, to be a coincidence.   The leaders of adjacent caverns are reported to be concerned about these numerous issues affecting Battlehelm Cavern, especially since they may have to take steps to ensure any trouble does not spill over into their own caverns. It seems only a matter of time before a gathering of the senior clan leaders insists on the enforcement of the law being handed over to an outside party such as the Spikefists.
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