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The Millerson family have been running their trading business for over a century and it is now one of the largest in Caresnas.  With bases in Bellcross, Filishar, Trem, and Shaon Millerson's are known for being to get almost any item at a good price.


Millerson's is run by the head of the Millerson family who oversees the 5 regional areas.  4 of the regions are tied to the regions of Caresnas, and the fifth looks after trade outside the country. Each area is run by a Lead Trader who is based in the primary settlement of their region.  The Miller (as the head of the Millersons is known) traditionally spends time working directly in each region due to the belief that reports can only tell yo uso much.  Each Lead Trader is free to organise their region as they see fit as long as they adhere to the principles of Millerson's.


The guiding principle of doing business at Millerson's is that wealth should be shared.  Unlike some other trading companies Millerson's doesn't chase profit at the expense of others. There are no attempts to tie clients into restrictive contracts or attempts to lock competitors out of a market.


The company was founded by Gareth, son of a Miller in Belcross. Using funds loaned to him by his father, he acquired a wagon, horse and space to store goods. He then started travelling around the nearby villages in search of things to trade. Rather than trying to achieve the best prices for himself Gareth typically paid more and sold for less than others traders. While this reduced his profits he was able to build up a network of people who preferred trading with him and within a few years n had cornered the market in a variety of goods. While some merchants would have then raised their prices or pressured their suppliers for a better deal, Gareth maintained his principle of paying more and selling for less than his competitor. Despite relatively low profits Gareth was able to repay his father and expanded his business, hiring teamsters transport goods while he focused on agreeing prices. Gareth's son took over the business on Gareth's death and continued to expand their trading routes while maintaining his fathers rules on prices. Each successive generation of Millersons have continued this tradition, and have earned the loyalty of their workers by providing them a share of the profits.

Prosperity Shared

Founding Date
9 Himer 92
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