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Urrick’s bag of not carrying

This was a failed attempt at creating bag of holding by the eccentric sorcerer Urrick Rockhelm.  It appears to be a leather bag, approximately 6 inches across with a drawstring holding it closed. Anything placed into the bag disappears.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Anything placed into this leather bag is instantly transported to a 3x5x3ft iron-bound wooden chest. The object must be able to pass through the opening of the bag (6 inch diameter circle). If the chest is closed then any objects sent through the bag must fit into the chest. Objects can only be transported from the bag to the chest. Any effects that block teleportation also stop the bag from functioning. Only solid objects can pass through the opening of the bag. Liquids and gases are blocked from passing through unless contained in a solid object.


Urrick was the creator of many a strange invention thanks to his unwillingness to study. Everything he created was made through intuition, guesswork, and no small amount of trial and error. Having heard of bags that linked to a pocket dimension, Urrick attempted to create a link to such a dimension, not realising that creating such a dimension was a part of the process. What he ended up with was a bag whose opening was turned into a portal which connected to a room in his house in Stoneshield Hold. While not what he was aiming for Urrick was quite pleased with his invention as it meant he could store more than a bag of the holding could contain. There were just two minor issues. The first was that the portal was one way. Things could be put in through the bag to appear in the room, but couldn't be retrieved from the bag end. The other was that anything could pass through the portal provided it could fit through the bag's opening. This proved more than inconvenient when Urrick fell into a river, causing a flood in Stoneshield Hold. This was the last straw for the residents of that cavern and Urrick was exiled after having all of his inventions seized.   The bag was sold to Billiup Snootgrebber who spent years trying to overcome the bag's deficiencies. Eventually Billiup was able to tether the out side of the portal to a chest rather than to a room in Urrick's old house.This simple change made the bag much more useful, but it still had other drawbacks such as allowing anything to pass through. This proved deadly for Billiup and his family when a group of adventurers employed by Billiup to retrieve amagical artefact accidentally triggered a poisonous gas trap. The adventurers managed to survive, but the gas passed through the bag and into Billiup's home, killing him and his family. The adventurers retrieved the storage chest for themselves when they returned to find Billiup dead, claiming it as paymentsince Billiup could no longer pay them.   The bag and chest were passed down through various groups of adventurers until they were stolen by the notorious thief, Cleaver Thicksole. Clever used the bag to steal statues and gems. By placing objects in the bag as soon as he had stolen them he was able to avoid carrying any extra weight, and on the few occassions he was caught, he was able to demonstrate that he didn't have the stolen object and therefore couldn't possibly be the thief. He was eventually caught by Welar Shieldwright who located Cleaver's hideout and the chest which was linked to the bag. Welar turned the bag and chest over to his employers - the Stonesmiths.
Further work was done on the bag to try to prevent water and gas passing through the bag, with the Stonesmiths paying hundreds of golds for the additional spells. When the bag was altered to their satisfaction it was sent south to Chogrin Hall. Using the bag the Stonesmiths were able to bypass the checks and tariffs on imports and cut down on their travel costs. When The Magrannor learned of this from the Jaad'Kart Family he called for a formal judgement form the clan heads on the actions of the Stonesmiths. The judgement of the clan heads went against the Stonesmiths and they were forced to turn the bag and chest over to Clan Magrannor as well as paying the tariffs they had been avoiding.
The bag was turned over the Dwarven Army who issued it to scouts and outpost commanders to allow for the rapid delivery of reports of enemy movements.  The one way nature of the bag prevents anything being sent to scouts but the benefits of rapid ntelligence far outweigh this minor inconvienience.  The bag has been lost several time when scouts have been captured, but since the dwarves' enemies can rarely see any use for the bag it has been relatively easy to retrieve each time.
Creation Date
354 C4
6x6x6 inches
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