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Chogrin Hall

A mining settlement in the Dragon Wastes.


Like many dwarven settlements Chogrin Hall is run by a monarch who is the head of the most influential clan.  The position is usually seen as hereditary, though the most influential clan has changed several times in line with changes to the settlement's primary industry.  This ruler is advised by a council of clan leaders and a Voices of Wisdom.  As each clan tends to run one type of industry, the clan heads are also de facto guild leaders.

Industry & Trade

The main industry at Chogrin Hall is the mining and refinng of Febinite, though there are also mines for adamantite and other metal ores.  Most rade is with Ogarin, with Febinite being the main export.  As with other settlements in the wastes the main imports are lumber and various foodstuffs.    With access to all the materials needed to process adamantite there is also a limited amount of trade in refined ore, but this is restricted by the small amount of ore available and agreements reached with Ogarin.


Foudned in the first age Chogrin Hall has survived the assorted cataclysm that have affected the world through being small enough to overlook but important enough to protect. It was founded by a group of dwarves prospecting for adamantite. While they discovered sufficient deposits to consider building a mine, the scale of the deposits was inferior to that discovered at Ogarin. This suited the founders of the settlement as it meant they could set up an independent operation without having to worry about the influence of the larger clans.   The settlement scraped by for many years and at times it looked like the settlement would have to be abandoned as there wasn't enough coin to purchase the supplies needed to survive in the wastes. This changed with the discovery of large amounts of Febinite, a key component for the process of refining adamantite and mythril. Almost overnight the settlement's industry pivoted from mining adamantite to mining and refining Febinite.
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