Green Vale

The Green Vale sits between the Barrier Mountains, the Magrannor mines, and the Elven Forest.


The Vale's resources may best be described as average, or perhaps insignificant. The land is no more fertile than that in the Kingdom of Caresnas. It boasts no mineral and ore deposits of its own with the nearest being those controlled by the dwarves of the Magrannor Halls. It's woods pale in comparison to the adjoining forest of the elves, and the main pass through the Barrier Mountains was blocked millennia ago. With no benefit to be had from claiming it, the large nations have generally left it alone, and over the years it attracted those who didn't wish to remain in the more cosmopolitan lands. While this has tempted the occasional outlaw band to seek refuge in the vale, they have quickly found that villages that trade crops and livestock with the dwarves tend to be well armed and armoured. More than one gang has been destroyed during an ill judged attack on one of the settlements.   Settlements tend to be small, which some attribute to the influence of druids in the vale. However, most observers would agree that it is more down to the fierce independence of vale dwellers which makes establishing a large settlement impractical at best.   The people of the Vale share few of the racial prejudices and tensions that plague the wider world.  This is mostly down to the fact that there are few enough people around that you can't afford to offend your neighbours.  As many of inhabitants or their forebearers fled from other lands, there is a general distrust for outsiders though this tends to fade after someone has lived in an area for a few years.  Travelling healers and bards are the exception to this gneral distrust with both being welcome at inns and isolated homesteads.   Perhaps the most infamous resident is the elven wizard Tanai Cuinsear. A wanted criminal in nearly every land, including his native forest, Tanai made a new home for himself on the edge of the vale. His black stone tower sits high in the mountains, and would be difficult to assault even if it weren't occupied by a dangerous spellcaster. This renegade spellcaster is responsible for the Vale remaining independent during the expansion of The Alliance, and is also reputed to have intervened when @empire attempted to absorb the Vale. He hasn't been heard from in centuries so it is possible he has passed on and the Vale is left without a protector.


  • Green Vale
    Map of the Green Vale showing the main settlements.
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Cover image: The party's camp by Tanai Cuinsear


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