Barrier Mountains

The barrier mountains form the northern border of Caresnas and are a natural barrier between the civilised and Savage Lands.


Although there are numerous small trails leading through the mountains there are only 3 major passes that allow large volumes of people through. Two of these passes lead into Caresnas while the third led into the Green Vale.


During the time leading up to the founding, and early years, of the Holy Kingdom of Caresnas the passes were unprotected, and the lords of the northern lands were forced to mount a sizeable guard to protect their fields and villages from large bands of marauding orcs and goblins. When the northern lords were brought under Caresnas' banner, the king decided it would be more effective to stop the raiders at the mountains. A large force was drawn from all over Caresnas and sent to take control of the two passes.   Rather than deter the orc raiders, the presence of the forces in the passes inspired the orcs to form large bands to assault them. Though the mostly human forces of Caresnas were able to turn back the orcs and their allies, it was at a massive cost of life. The next year saw a similar clash, and the years after that. In the 18th year of these battles over the passes, Pakar Dras led an expedition into the savage lands in order to disrupt and draw the attention of the orc warbands. Although all of Pakar's troops were killed, they distracted the orcs long enough for the first stages of the border fortresses to be constructed.   Initially these were nothing more than wooden walls with space for archers, but over the years these were replaced with stone walls. Barracks, then smithies and keeps were added over time, until each of the fortresses was a small town. In memory of Pakar, the Dras family were named the first of the Border Barons. Though a relatively lowly noble rank, they had the distinction of being a direct vassal to the king, answerable to no other noble in the land.   Despite being lauded for their efforts to hold back the greenskins little aid was sent by the other lords of Caresnas. Without enough soldiers the border barons were unable to send out many patrols so muxh of the barriers was controlled by orcs and giants.   Although the presence of monsters made the barriers dangerous they were rich in ore and there was no shortage of people from Caresnas willing to try their hand at mining. This brought them into conflict with the dearves of Clan Magrannor who viewed the mountains as their own.


  • Mines in the Barrier Mountains
    Map of a small region in the Barrier Mountains which has several old dwarf mines
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