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First created in Luicarnyelle village Dariworkers are animated bodies and skeletons which are used to perform manual labour. The bodies used to create these workers come from those who have agreed for their bodies to be used in this way after death. In Purplebell village it is unusual for anyone not to agree to this but acceptance has been slow in other villages and the capital.   Before being animated as part of the ritual of Final Service the bodies used for Dariworkers are checked for damage before being carefully preserved. Depending on the cause of death and state of the body the flesh may be stripped from the bones or carefully preserved.   Dariworkers are typically garbed in simple grey robes, with perhaps a line of colour or family crest to indicate which family has responsibility for them. A cloth hood covers the head of those whose flesh has been preserved, but attempts to conceal the heads of the skeletal forms has tended to cause more fear and confusion amongst children than leaving the skull bare.   The tasks assigned to Dariworkers vary based on their type. Those with preserved flesh are used for more delicate tasks like cleaning or preparing food as their remaining flesh makes gripping smaller implements easier. Skeletal workers are used for heavier labour where less precise control is needed.   Unlike many magical servants Dariworkers can be controlled by more than one person. Each worker has a token which can be used to issue commands. While commands are spoken verbally, the one issuing the command needs to have a clear mental image of what they want to be done, including conditions for a task to be stopped. The tokens can also be used by a cleric of Starbrow to undo the enchantment animating the worker.
Creation Date
261 Starbrow
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Restricted Actions
The scars of the Necromancer War run deep and one of the conditions for the creation of these workers was that they could never be used for combat. This led to some debate over whether they should be restricted from any sort of fighting, but in the end it was decided that they should be allowed to fight dangerous beasts. The enchantments used to animate the corpses prevent them from accepting orders that will cause deliberate harm to people. If such orders are issued then the workers will stop all activity and return to the nearest shrine to Starbrow.
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