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Duck Call

A wooden whistle that makes a sound that can only be heard by ducks.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A close inspection of the whistle reveals that it shaped so badly that you would be better whistling yourself rather than trying to the blow the thing.   Even the original owner, Carver, took some time to master this whistle's use. From what stories remain it seems that if you concentrate really hard on the idea of calling ducks as you blow the whistle then it will cause a swarm of them to appear around you. These ducks can help distract attackers but can't harm anyone.


This whistle was gifted to Carver of the Ducks by a friendly gnome named Tarn who seemed very impressed with Carver and his dedication to protecting ducks. Carver made use of the call many times during his life and the whistle was thought lost when he disappeared.   However, the whistle reappeared in Mikel's Town during the early days of the fourth age (or at least something that seemed to do the same appeared). It was claimed and then discarded by the ruler of the town as it seemed moderately useless. It later fell into the hands of Knights of Nacht where it was claimed by Tebul, a close associate of the leader of the nights.
Item type
Musical Instrument
Current Location
You have to focus really hard
Tarn was a trickster and an illusionist and the whistle has little power by itself. By getting Carver to focus really hard he was really getting him to channel his magic into the whistle, which used the power to create an illusionary swarm of ducks. It brought a smile to Tarn's face everytime he heard about how Carver continued to rave about this powerful artefact.
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World of Tremanac

Duck Call


Uncommon Illusion

When a spell slot of level 1 or higher is channelled into this whistle as an action it creates a swarm of illusionary ducks. The ducks fill a 15ft cube centred on the one activating the whistle.   The ducks continue to fill the cube while the one who activated the whistle maintains concentration on the effect for up to 1 minute. While the ducks fill the cube they impose disadvantage on any attack rolls made against anyone in the cube. They also impose disadvantage on attack rolls made by anyone inside the cube.   The ducks are illusions and cannot be harmed. A DC 13 Intelligence (Investigate) check will reveal their illusionary nature.

This small whistle is made of light wood with a small hook for feeding a cord or chain through so it can be worn around the neck. The whistle is so badly made that it emits no sound when blown.


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