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Garb of the Protector

Each piece of this mismatched set of clothes is covered in duck feathers. The feathers were clearly selected and positioned with care as they overlap in the same way as when they were on a duck's body, and a consistent pattern is clearly visible. The same cannot be said for the underlying garments which have quite obviously been sewn together from pieces of different outfits.


This outfit was created by Carver during the early years of his role as protector of the ducks. The leather and cloth were scavenged from those he stopped from harming his charges so there were rarely any fully intact pieces. Carver spent a great deal of time carefully selecting feathers to adorn his outfit. At first the feathers were just a little decoration on the cap and at the shoulders but Carver kept adding to them until feathers covered every inch of cloth or leather.  
Carver wore the outfit throughout his time serving Quack, taking great care to keep the feathers carefully cleaned and in their proper place. The underlying cloth was constantly being patched and replaced, and Carver would emerge solely to deal with a threat to the ducks when he was in the process of repairing it.
The method Carver used to protect and clean the feathers is unknown, though he apparantly claimed it was thanks to Quack's blessing.
  These clothes were found washed up on a beach on the south-west coast of Laiqua several weeks after Carver disappeared. Though soaked in seawater and missing some feathers they were in surprisingly good condition. They were kept in a village near where they were discovered for a time, in case Carver appeared to claim them, but after half a year they were sent to Relun University to be studied and displayed.   During the second years of darkness the clothes were taken by one of the fiends. It is not known if the creature wanted them for it's own amusement or if it thougth of the outfit as some sort of camouflage. Whatever the reason the fiend became known as Duckclaw to the remnants of the imperial army that were trying to hold back the horde. The fiend was eventually slain by Captain Vasred who was leading the fight against the fiends.   The clothes somehow remained after Duckclaw disintegrated and the soldiers had intended to burn them to ensure no trace of the fiend remained, but the clothes somehow disappeared as they made their way back to camp. Since then there have been several unconfirmed reports of a feathery humanoid shape walking through the forests and alongside the lakes of Laiqua.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Complete outfit
This outfit consists of a tunic, leather trousers, a cap, and a cloak. Every part is covered in feathers, with the cloak being of an especially intricate design. If held by the edges and the arms extended the feathers on the cloak spread on as they would do on a duck's wings.  
It is generally believed that the clothes were not magical, though the layers of feathers did have to stave off the cold and rainfall regularly seen on Laiqua
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