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A town at the mouth of the Pelios River known far and wide as having the widest range of diversions for a bored ship's crew.


  • Human 50% 
  • Halfling 25%
  • Dragonborn 12%
  • Gnome 5%
  • Shifter 5%
  • Other 3%


Pelimouth is mostly run by a loose alliance of traders and tavernkeepers though this group ultimately answer to the Cormorant, the head of what would be considered a criminal gang in any other town.  The traders and tavernkeepers pay a weekly fee to the Cormorant in exchange for his people keeping the streets safe, but the maintainance of the town and any rules are down to the traders and tavernkeepers to set.  The position of Cormorant has been held by various people and the change in power is rarely peaceful, but these changes generally don't affected the average person in Pelimouth.   Almost nothing apart from fighting in the streets and entertainment establishments is banned in Pelimouth, which makes things easy for the Cormorant's people.  Despite what many would assume, there are surprisingly few cases of outsiderss being attacked and robbed.  The biggest danger tends to be for sailors who may have to avoid an occasional press gang.

Industry & Trade

Pelimouth relies on being able to extract a modest few from vessels wishing to travel up the Pelios river for much of it's income.  It is also a convient place for ships to stop when travelling on the North-South trade route, ensuring that there is a steady supply of new and interesting goods.   The town has an ambundance of drinking and gambling establishments which cater to all levels of wealth and a wide variety of tastes.  The Cormorant and the leading merchants encourage this as sailors desperate to relieve their boredom and frustrations after weeks at sea are a godo source of funds.


No one wants to spend money in Pelimouth if they don't have to so most of the buildings are made of wood.  An occasional wall and some foundations are made of stone or brick, but these are remnants of the settlement that existed here before the years of darkness.  The piers are a combination of wood and stone, and these tend to be in better repair rathn many of he buildings as having a solid place to tie up is seen as a necessity for the ships that port here.
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