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Diplomat's Quill

This golden quill pen was created as a tool for diplomats sent from Kaara to persuade countries in Mocar to join The Alliance during the second age.   The quill is capable of writing dictated notes which is valuable enough in itself, but it is it's secondary function which was of far more use to diplomats. When given the appropriate command the quill will not start writing immediately. Instead it will remain stationary until it has picked up the general intent of what the person dictating the notes wants to say. It will then add the appropriately ornate greetings typical of diplomatic communications before converting the dictated content of the letter into something that is unlikely to cause offence while still maintaining the intent of the message.   While the messages produced by the quill are not always exactly what is wanted, it tends to get things close enough to save a lot of the time normally spent trying to compose such letters. Unfortunately one diplomat was over-reliant on the quill and didn't read through the letters it produced before sending them. A rival took advantage of this and arranged for a mage to subtly alter the quill so that it would write carefully worded insults instead of the intended text. After the diplomatic mission was not so politely told leave the continent of Mocar the use of the quill was banned.   Some centuries later the quill was being used again (after the altered enchantment was removed). This time it was used in drafting the intial forms of agreements between members of the Alliance. These documents were considered a much safer use of the quill as they were checked and reviewed by numerous parties before being sent out for approval.

Cover image: The party's camp by Tanai Cuinsear


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