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Savage Lands

This large region lies to the north of the Barrier Mountains and mostly consists of rock, snow, and ice. While containing several domains that rival the southern lands in size it is difficult to survive in this area and many of the inhabitants are nomadic. Tribes of goblins and orcs wander the frozen plains competing with or serving the few races campable of making and maintain permanent settlements, such as giants or hobgoblins. Some of the traditionally less hardy races, such as Humans can also be found here, living in tribes that mimic the lifestyles of the orcs.   To the far north in the coldest part of the region is the former domain of Andaxius which is now contested by several groups. At the eastern edge of this former domain is the unmelting lake which remains covered in ice throughout the year, though the waters below are warm and have an abundance of fish. Further to the east can be found the domain of Rigel Fearshroud.   South of the Fearshroud Domain are the Mktulax Domains. These domains are controlled by warbands of hobgoblins that spend most of their time in conflict with each other. While Rigel has attempted to take advantage of this conflict he has learned to his cost that one thing that will unite the hobgoblins is an outside threat.   To the west can be found the large iceflow lake and the plains wandered by the Hgtoha and a variety of goblin tribes. In the middle of the plains can be found @Ere where the tribes of the hgtoha come together during the worst of the winter.

Fauna & Flora

Many animals that live in this region have heavy fur that is coloured to blend in with the snow. Both predators and prey rely on building up a stock of food or fat during the summer months and then hibernating through the winter. Several of the sentient races have managed to domestic some of these creatures such as the large mammoths.   Plants and trees in the region have had to adapt to soil that is almost impossible to reach, and water that is almost always frozen. These adaptations mean that they can can often serve as the base for potions or as spellcasting components.


The history of this region is one of neverending conflict, both internally and with the lands to the south of the Barrier Mountains. Whenever a leader has managed to unite a large group of people it has typically been with the promise of taking over another region where life is easier, such as with the greenskin invasion in the 450th year of The First Age.   During the The Second Age it was an invasion by the The Alliance that interupted the usually feuding between tribes and warbands and led to the constant battles of places like Fort Elegar.   The Years of Darkness were not kind to the people of these lands though they generally faired better than most of those to the south.   During the The Third Age the same pattern continued to repeat itself with no one power able to seize control of the entire expanse, and many no longer even trying.   During the fourth age the savage lands were again thrown into chaos when the white dragon Andaxius forced it's minions to move south and attack the Kingdom of Caresnas. The initial disruption of this invasion was nothing compared to the chaos that followed Andaxius' death at the hands of Frostburn company. Now numerous warlords are competing to take control of the region once controlled by Andaxius.


  • Savage Lands
    A map of the savage lands, drawn based on reports from the forward fortresses and scrying of the northern areas. The locations shown are accurate to within the nearest hundred miles.
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