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C10-95-03-07 - Deserters Roaming Khezdur

Yesterday a notice was published by the army indicating that deserters from some of our northern patrol forces have been operating in Khezdur. These deserters belong to the Joint Strike Teams, a foolish experiment in training warriors of the halls to fight like the elven forces. This particular unit was under the command of Batled Burban Shieldwright whose failings in dealing with the goblins increased the threat of an invasion.   The team consists of four members, two from Khezdur and two elves from the forest. Berrak Jaad'Kart and Thynn McArbek are both locals, though it is something of a mystery as to why two non-soldiers were included in this team. The elves are Harazar Daekiir and one going only by Nesrann. As might be expected, both are spellcasters with varying levels of ability. The group have a history of causing trouble with a fifth member, Virxalim Liadon, being arrested last year for assaulting a student wizard. Virxalim’s whereabouts are currently unknown.   While the army has not provided details on why this group deserted or how they entered Khezdur, we at Under the Stone have been going through the details of recent incidents and have found a disturbing number where this group may be involved. These include the reports on a mindreader roaming Battlehelm cavern and the disappearance of the former General Steelfist.
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