Calendar Months and days

Many of the lands use the same days of the week and month names as they inherited them from the previous age.  

Days of the Week

There are 8 days in a week:
  • Firday
  • Elday
  • Milday
  • Marday
  • Penday
  • Savday
  • Traday
  • Enday
There are 25 days in a month, in line with cycles of the moon.   Many places use Enday as a rest or worship day, while Marday is named for and largely remains Market day.

Lunar Cycles

Months are aligned to the cycles of the moon which lasts for 25 days. A full moon is seen in the middle of the month.  

Months and seasons

There are 14 months in a year, with the new year starting on 1st Firmon.

Years and Ages

Years are a bit inconsistent between areas. For most races it is customary to use the number of years since the end of the years of darkness, but the elves use the number of years since Starbrow's ascension to godhood. There have been 3 previous ages (see The ages of the world), These are: The elves used to record years as the time since the current monarch of the Ancient Kingdom of the Forest was crowned.   Dwarves count years based on the elemental cycles, starting a new cycle every 618 years.   The shorter lived races had a range of different calendars in previous ages, usually counting the time since the founding of the most powerful country in the region. As this can be a bit confusing historians usually prefer to record dates in dwarven or elven notation.
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