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The Sandmen of Barilos

The Sandmen of Barilos are a cult-like organization dedicated to the execution of animal husbandry. Working publicly in alignment with current societal concepts of animals and their place in society, having created new breeds of animal stock for societal desired characteristics like domesticity, size, or strenght. Secretly the organization promotes experimentation and elevation of animal species to surpass or even suppress current humanoid society.

Considered a cruel guild of animal husbandry zealots woh are dedicated to creating and combining animal species without scruples into some of the most powerful and hideous foes to humankind. This organization is responsible for the creation of the Elponamte as well as other violent and vicious species.


In line with this organization's zealous and unbounded promotion of animals over humanoids as dominant lifeforms, there is no formal structure, however localized cells may operate under some common rules. Mostly these rules revolve around the strict secrecy maintained of the organizations creations and methods.


Zealous, cult-like adherence to the promotion of animals as dominating species over humanoids and their pursuit of creating the "perfect" animal with intelligence, strength, and even culture. Proponents argue that humanoids are not the natural culmination of that ideal and do not consider humanoids among the broader category of animals.

Public Agenda

Publicly members will work amongst society as animal keepers and handlers for tranchers, farmers, and circuses and use those public faces to cover their more secretive operations in the organization.


The only history the organization lends creedence to is the records they maintain documenting the failed and successful experiments in animal husbandry.

Technological Level

The organization has produced many advanced techniques in animal husbandry from assisted and artifical insemination to alchemical treatments to aid in combining the more difficult or naturally mismatched biological materials.

Aanimalis Iudicium


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