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Krovalov Clan

Work in progress!
Warning!: Mentions of gore, blood and violence!
The Krovalov Clan is a noble and wealthy family from Bombailog, which is related to the boyar Anton Illych Krovalov, who is part of the Moskovar Monarchy and resides in Ulan Shang Kov's Kremlin. It is a pretty hermetic and fancy family, but is maybe the most feared family in Bombailog because of several urban legends starring them, most of them related to vampires and demons.  

Background story

The Krovalov lineage has always been a very important one in Moskova's politics. The current representant of this family in the Kremlin, the Duke Anton Krovalov, is descendant of the Prince Volodimir Krovalov from the Principalty of Suszdak, who was feared by his enemies because some of his suspicious behaviors. This family has always been seen as pretty mysterious and regal, specially since they settled in the city of Bombailog, located in the south of Moskova. Since its originis this family had a weird relation to blood, in fact their surname means "Blood's child"     All the members from the clan tend to keep most of what they do as secret and mostly are seen in public during nocturnal festivals, feeding people's speculations about their pure nature and their filiations, as some people even believe they're vampires or Demons and part of a secret society or even a deadly sect. However, the speculations and rumors about them have increased since a fatidical incident that Bombailog inhabitants saddly associated to the clan.      

Dissapearences of 1280 and following urban myth

  A pretty inexplicable yet tragic sucession of event happened in Bombailog in the year 1280. The first one of them happened the night of 15 Kelder. A group of 5 merchants suddenly dissapeared while staying in the city. The group was last seen at the city's Central Market when they were closing their stands for going back the next day. They all housed temporaly in a little house. The next morning, people noticed they didn't go work and thought they all were just sick, but suspictions began to rise when they didn't appear in the market after three consecutive days. People began to look for the missing merchants, and when local two men visited their houses, the horror was just before their eyes: most of the furniture of their rooms was broken, there were several broken glass bottles in the floor and both floor and walls were stained in blood with clawlike mark printed on the wall. They lurked around the mess for finding the merchants, and they noticed a nasty smell coming from a closet.They found the grouo of merchants piled up inside the closet. They all had big teeth and fang marks on their throaths, very similar to the ones done by a hunting carnivore, and their hands were tied up in golden laces. Two days after the incident, Miroslav Krovalov -one of the main men of the clan- attended their grief ceremony alothough the only important politicians that were invited were the city's mayor and the Bombailog Oblast's governor.   The second tragic incident happened a few months after that, not in the city, but close to the Western branch of Sentinel Mountains, near the city and it is widely known as the Death Mountain incident. A group of ten hikers from Bombailong went missing, and some people began to associate their case to the merchants' one so the local authorities began to look for the missing hikers. They found a small yurta-like tent on the mountain's foot which was torn apart from inside, while every belonging of the group was displayed around. Seekers kept looking for the adventurers, and they first found the bodies of seven of them close to the tent, while the other two were found in a swallow river. All died in different circumstances (broken skull, one had its tounge missing, hypothermia) although what they all shared was the fact that they had a high amount of magic on their bodies - like if they were attacked by a magical creature- and teeth marks on their bleeding throats. The only survivor Yuri Buhamedov-who ran away-, told the authorities the only thing he remembered was seeing strange colorful lights in the sky and three human figures dresses in long red and purple coats, similar to the usual attire of Krovalov family's members.

The aftermath

Both tragedies were pretty shocking for Bombailog's population, and several rumors began to link them with the hermetic Krovalov Family, as they were suspected to be vampires or demons.  Duke Anton Krovalov found about this, and he denied all the allegations fearing they could ruin his reputation in the eyes of the rest of the Duma. However, all the allegations turned into a never confirmed urban legends, and Ivarosovic Grosnik's rising as Tsar of Moskova gave him some important place in Moskova's Monarchy, as he is one of the main supporters of The Dark Army.
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Go to sleep or Mikhail Krovalov is going to eat your eyes and drink your blood
— Just a mother telling her little kid to go to bed early

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Author's Notes

The Death Mountain Incident is based on a real event, the Dyatlov Pass Incident, also known as  Mystery on the Death Mountain which happened in the Soviet Union on year 1959. In this incident, 9 hikers went missing and after found dead in very strange circumstances than even nowadays are still being unclear. Some people had think of supernatural explanations such as an enconter with the Yeti or UFOs.

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