Purity Movement

Purity Movement is a human anti-alien group operating in the United Republic of Earth and its Colonies. They believe that humanity should leave the Galactic Federation and expel all aliens from human space. Members of the Purity Movement believe that the ends justify the means and are ready to do anything to further their agenda. Throughout the years, the movement has conducted several terrorists operations on many planets. Their targets are always aliens, but many Humans have also died as the result of their actions.


The exact assets of the Purity Movement are a mystery to most people. It is said that they have bases on almost every planet in the United Republic and maybe even on The Heart, capital of the Federation. Most probably the movement has no starship of its own. Instead, they rely on smugglers to transport their members and equipment between planets. However, in recent years there have been some reports of suspicious vessels docking at space stations. Those vessels identify to the authorities as private yachts.


The Purity Movement was founded in 2256, shortly after the first contact with the Elam. In the beginning they were a fringe group of radical right wing people who posed no serious threat. Everything changed in 2270, right after the colonization of New Warsaw. Reports of New Warsaw's hogweed, a dangerous alien plant, reached Earth and a wealthy businessman approached the Purity Movement with an offer of financial help. He said that the hogweed proofs that the galaxy is a dangerous place and humanity must be prepared for the worst. With the financial help of the businessman, the movement grew in size. By the year 2300 it had people on all major human colonies and even on The Heart, the capital of the Galactic Federation.

Major Terrorist Attacks

One of the main ways of the movment's operations are attacks targetting aliens of any species and any social status. Humans also suffer in those attacks, but the movement isn't concerned about it. They say that those Humans were traitors for colluding with aliens.

Throughout the years the movement made many smaller and bigger attacks. A few of them deserves a broader mention because of their scale or the level of cruelty.

New Warsaw Train Station Bombing

In 2320, two bombs went off at the main train station in New Warsaw City on the planet of New Warsaw. In the explosions died 50 Humans, 20 Elam and 10 Kettu. Just hours after the attack, the Purity Movement took responsiblity for it saying that aliens and their collaborators will die. This was the movement's first act of terror.

Massacre of ITS Voyager

In 2325, ITS Voyager, a ship of the Interplanetary Colonial Transport Network was kidnapped by a group of 20 heavily armed men. At the time Voyager was chartered by a kettu company whose executives were on a buisness trip to Earth. The kidnappers took the ship of its course and made it look like an engine malfunction. By the time the distress signal reached anyone and help arrived, the ship's crew and passengers were dead. All kidnappers committed suicide. Before that they left a message from the Purity Movement as a sign of who was responisble.

Mars Shootings

In 2350, in several places on the surface of Mars as well as onboard of the Mars Orbital Station armed men opened fire to civilians, human and alien alike. In most of the places the shooters were quickly apprehended by the law enforcement, but still managed to kill about 50 people in total.

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