Galactic Federation

Galactic Federation is an organization uniting variou sapient species of the galaxy. It was formed a few hundred years before the human expansion to keep peace in the galaxy and help the member species in developement.

Demography and Population

The Federation is inhabited by many sapient species, such as the Elam or Humans. Most planets within the federation are inhabited by a single species, but there are exceptions. One such exception is The Heart. Other planets inhabited by multiple species are results of joint colonization efforts of two or more members or a federal colonization effort.


The Federal Navy is the main military organization of the Federation. Every member has to contribute to the equipment and manpower of the navy. Additionally, each member has its own forces which can assist other members or the Federal Navy.

Technological Level

The Federation is considered the most technologically and scientifically advanced organization in the galaxy. It is the result of all member species cooperating in researching and developing new technologies. It lead the Federation to almost completely eradicating poverty, hunger and disease.

Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
Federation, GF
Legislative Body
Federation Council
Judicial Body
Member Species

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