The Heart

The Heart is an arifically created planet of unknown origin which serves as the headquarters of the Galactic Federation. Most people theorize that the planet may have been created by the Voor.

The Heart is a magnificent feat of engineering. Whatever species built it, they had very sophisticated level of technology.
— Human engineer upon seeing The Heart for the first time

Most important places on the planet

The Capitol

The Capitol is the main city on The Heart. It is the capital of the Federation and seat of the federation council. The city is located on the planet's northern hemisphere.

Federation Spire

The Federation Spire is located in the centre of The Capitol. It is the tallest building on the planet and houses the offices of the Federation Council, military command and federal administration. It is said that the Spire also contains the control room for all of the planets system. Federation Council could shut down the planet, if they wanted to.

Spaceport 1

The spaceport is one of the few things that were put on or around Heart by its current inhabitants instead of the planet's builders. Spaceport 1 is the main space station of the Federation located in the orbit of The Heart. It is the main base of the federation navy and its main transportation hub.

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