Humans are a sapient species from Earth. They are members of the Galactic Federation, an alliance of many sapient species of the galaxy.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Earth and its colonies are governed by a united government situated on Earth. It is an amalgamation of the United Nations, European Union and other international organizations which existed in the past.


Climate change and wars

In the first half of the 21st century first signs of an ecological disaster were seen, but very little was done to prevent it. The 2060s were the beginning of a series of wars which would continue well into the 22nd century. Climate change brought rise in poverty and hunger all around the world. Wars were fought just for access to fresh water and fertile land. In 2150 the world was devastated and there was no means to continue fighting. People were dying on the streets and governments were falling. A summit of the surviving governments was called to London. There, together with scientists, they made a plan to rebuild Earth. During the London Summit the united government of Earth was formed. The rebuilding effort took about 85 years, but the environment haven't recovered fully to this day.

First Contact

Humans developed the means of faster-than-light (FTL) travel in 2255 and almost immediately made contact with the first alien species, the Elam, who helped them with becoming self-sufficient in the galaxy. Elam also introduced Humans to the Galactic Federation, which was already well-developed at that point.

Members of the Federation

Humans became full members of the Galactic Federation after about 3 Earth years from first contact. However, it took additional 10 years before first human representatives were accepted into the Federation Council. Other members believed that in the early days of space exploration and colonization, Humans should focus on their colonies and internal matters and not be distracted by interstellar politics.

Scientific Name
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
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FTL Capability

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