New Warsaw City

New Warsaw City is the colonial capital of New Warsaw. It is a large city located on the planet's northern hemisphere. Most of the colony's population lives in the city. It is an important centre of science and technology. New Warsaw University is known throughout the Galactic Federation for its Biology and Chemistry departments. They were made famous thanks to the substance they developed, which was used to almost completely eradicate New Warsaw's hogweed. The hogweed is an invasive plant which caused many problems in the early years of the planet's colonization.


The most imporant person in the city government is the mayor, also called president after how mayors of big Polish cities were called. Mayor is chosen in an election for a 5 year term. Additionally, on the same length of term, people elected the city council.

The mayor is also the city's representative in the Colonial Council and represents the city before the governor.


The garrison of New Warsaw City consists of one division of professional army and three brigades of territorial defence (Obrona Terytorialna in Polish), a non-permament volunteer formation. All these units are under the direct command of the Colonial Defence Commander for New Warsaw.

Additionally, the city is protected by five batteries of anti-air artillery and three missle launch site which can launch missiles into space.


The most important piece of infrastructure in the city is the New Warsaw Spaceport. It is the main transportation and cargo hub on the planet as well as one of the few official connections with the rest of the galaxy.

Despite its name the spaceport only serves small shuttles that transport people and cargo between it and the space station in orbit. There the bigger starships dock. The reason for it is the difficulty of bringing big, heavy ships down to the planet's surface.

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New Warsaw
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9 000 000
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